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Postscript: The Chicago Code 

Sometimes I just never know what makes a hit show a hit. I thought The Chicago Code had all the necessary ingredients: A great cast. Jennifer Beals has been on my radar since Flashdance but I can’t say I really started paying attention to her again until Lie To Me….

Postscript: Adios, Hellcats 

Tom Welling is going to be pissed. He lost both CW gigs this week. Hellcats, which he was producing alongside his on-and-offscreen Smallville duties, has been cancelled. I get it though. The series started strong last fall, and I was hooked, but when it diverted into what I unaffectionately refer to as “love geometry,”…

Postscript: Human Target 

FOX officially cancelled Human Target last night, which is a real drag because the show had found its footing in a second season that saw significant tinkering behind the scenes and in front of the camera while still retaining all the whimsy that made its first season so awesome. That’s…