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Character Development: Scarlett Takes a Stand, Nashville “Never No More” [+ Other Highlights] 

Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine
Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine

I didn’t ever think I’d type the following words: Scarlett is becoming one of my favorite characters on this show. Last season I saw her as a bit of a doormat, at least where Avery was concerned. I understand that she was in love with him and that she’d been with him for a long time, but she let him get away with a hell of a lot before she broke it off. With Gunnar, we saw a Scarlett who was inspired to write and perform. I thought they had great chemistry so I was pretty happy when they got together. I didn’t like it when Gunnar proposed and I’m happy she said no. I think Scarlett has the right idea; she needs to find out who she is before she gets into another relationship. And so far this season Scarlett is a woman who does not hold her tongue, especially as far as Deacon is concerned and I like it. I like it a lot.

So Deacon seems content to punish himself. He came very close to killing Rayna and he’s messed up his hand pretty badly. While Deacon’s happy to live in denial, Scarlett isn’t about to let him. She tricks him into seeing a specialist Juliette made an appointment with and the doctor doesn’t have the best news. Because he’s damaged some nerves and tendons in his hand there’s a possibility Deacon will never get his full range of motion back. Once Deacon hears that, he assumes he’ll never play again. So instead of starting physical therapy like the doctor recommends, Deacon opts to get a full cast to immobilize his hand. Since he won’t take any pain medication it’s the only option to stop the pain. When Deacon puts all but one of his guitars on the selling block it’s the last straw for Scarlett.

Scarlett: “You’re a damn fool.”
Deacon: “I’m a one-handed fool. I sure as hell don’t need a bunch of guitars I’ll never play again.”
Scarlett: “Ain’t what the doctor said.”
Deacon: “Well you weren’t listening.”
Scarlett: “My ears work just fine.”
Deacon: “You wanna nag somebody all day you need to go get yourself a new boyfriend.”
Scarlett: “Alright. You wanna get mean? That’s fine. I will get mean. All my life I’ve watched you refuse to become the man your father was: an angry, bitter old drunk. And look at you. Spittin’ image of him and you are stone-cold sober. Thirteen years of sobriety. What was worth that? Don’t you walk away from me. You tell me what thirteen years of sobriety was worth throwing away for. You come up with something real good.”

So Deacon tells Scarlett about Maddie. And we learn that he agrees with Rayna’s decision not tell him he had a daughter.

Did I mention how much I’m enjoying this version of Scarlett? Earlier in the episode when Gunnar asks her to write with him, she declines. I think these two will eventually make it back to each other but for now I’m glad she’s sticking to her guns. Scarlett needs to find out who she is. She needs to discover what she wants on her own. Of course I want to see Scarlett and Gunnar sing together again and I’m sure they will, but now is not that time. And Deacon clearly needs Scarlett’s voice of reason banging around in his head. He’s so determined to punish himself that he’s making the worst possible decisions. I do love that he reached out to Rayna though. He needed someone and he didn’t know who else to turn to. That scene was so good. But I think Rayna made the right choice. They’ve tried so hard for so long to save each other; now they need to save themselves.

Other highlights:

Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine
Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine
  • I love that Juliette isn’t the new young thing anymore and that she’s willing to trade in on her own personal heartbreak to sell records. She continues to surprise me and for better or worse I love that about her.
  • I am really loving Juliette and Avery’s budding friendship. I just hope they don’t mess it up with sex. Juliette needs someone like Avery in her life, someone who will tell her no and someone who will call her on her sh*t. Why couldn’t Avery be like this the entire time? I know a redemption story plays better, but I don’t know if I can ever forgive him completely. I guess he’s growing on me. A little.
  • Oliver Hudson‘s Jeff Fordham is an interesting character. I kind of like that both Juliette and Rayna aren’t fans. It would be so much fun to see them team up and do something about that. It’ll be interesting to see what happens if Rayna ends up leaving the label. It could be a disaster, but it could also be amazing.
  • I’m disappointed that Will doesn’t think of himself as an artist. I think he and Rayna could’ve had something really good together and there’s no way he can trust Jeff. I think he’s ok for now but you never know.
  • Is it weird to be happy that Gunnar’s biggest heartbreak is his brother’s death? I just don’t want her to be the only thing he’s got going on. Like Scarlett, Gunnar also needs to take some time and think about what he wants.
  • For the first time since this series started, I am really enjoying Teddy and Rayna’s relationship. I didn’t ever really love them together but Teddy’s been there for Rayna and the girls during her recovery and that should count for something. I don’t think they belong together, but I think it’s ok for Teddy to miss his family.
  • No Peggy. That’s always a good thing.

Some great lines:

Juliette: “Shut up!”
Avery: “I didn’t say anything.”
Juliette: “I can hear you thinking from all the way over here.”

Juliette: “You’re in Nashville now. You gotta say y’all.”

Deacon: “I wasn’t gonna call you. I didn’t want it. I had no right. It’s just… I didn’t know who else to call. I don’t want you to be the one. I just… You always have been.”

Deacon: “Now I don’t have Rayna and I don’t have my music. I got nothing. I am nothing.”

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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