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Hawaii Five-0 “Ho’opa’i” 

Photo Credit: CBS

Hawaii Five-0 returns tonight for its mad dash to a first season finale (and fairly guaranteed second season), so I realized I needed to get through the rest of the Diddy episode so I could recap it for you fine folks.

So, Sean Combs plays Reggie Cole, a New York police officer who’s been undercover with the Feebs working to bring down a general goon, Cannon (played by Keith David). Said goon is in Hawaii to visit his (supposedly straight and narrow) son, so Reggie takes a side trip to see his family and that gets his wife killed. Red herrings ensue as we track the goon, then some locals, then an insider Feeb, until finally, in a surprise to no one who watches these kinds of shows, Goon Jr. is actually the biggest bad, and Goon Sr. can only stand by as the 5-0s cuff his son and cart him off for a possible death penalty conviction. For good measure, Reggie throws down that he’s coming for Cannon, no matter what it takes.

And that was pretty much the gist of the episode. McGarrett and Reggie get to try to outswagger each other, first as the latter goes rogue, and then later when they team up as allies, and McGarrett tells Reggie he has a job if ever wants it. Reggie begs off in favor of a DC desk job to raise his son, Kevin, whom he’d been away from long enough that the boy doesn’t know who he is when Reggie first arrives. They get to bond in hyperspeed when Kevin witnesses the shooting of his parents.

There’s no mention of Wo-Fat or G-Girl. We do get a brief Kamekona visit as he makes good on a lost wager to make breakfast for McGarrett for a week (and just lets himself in to cook). The downside? It’s a Spamarama. It also works as an aside to remind us that McGarrett is getting piecemeal pics from the toolbox. Kono and Kelly had a little bit to do in the episode. Kono got info out of Kevin by being the token maternal character while Kelly was offscreen most of the ep doing catchup stuff.

Danny flirted a bit with Kono, who at one point, randomly shimmied up a tree to get a security camera. They missed out the opportunity to capitalize on what Danny would share with Reggie about being NYPD, having a child, going after a killer, etc. Danny sort of has a chat around the subject with McGarrett, but not Reggie, which was weird. Oh, and McGarrett is still in his arm cast. Combs was fine in his role; he had a bigger arc than most guesters, but that was to be expected. We had snippets of Skylar Grey from his “Coming Home” at the beginning and end of the hour, too.

I’m spoiler-free on the rest of the season except for one casual aside mentioned in TVG about possible casting reorgs at the end of season. I hope not. We have a good rhythm going. Not sure we need to reboot already.

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