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An Amanda/Nikita Relationship Recap, Nikita “Power” 

Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

It’s about time we got some quality Nikita/Amanda one-on-one time. The flashbacks showing Amanda with her former protegee were very educational. I wasn’t sure why Amanda let Nikita live until we saw how close they’d become during Nikita’s time at Division back in the day. And I’m so proud of Nikita for letting Amanda live, I just hope she doesn’t come to regret it.

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Amanda had the advantage over Nikita in that junkyard. Not only were Nikita’s hands bound – taking Nikita’s gun out of play – but Amanda also shot in straight in the heart, or she would have if Nikita hadn’t been wearing body armor. So why didn’t Amanda go for the killshot? Nikita thinks she choked, a mistake she’ll want to soon rectify. And when Ari asks Amanda why Nikita’s still an issue, she chooses to lie to the man she loves. Very interesting.

Amanda’s proud of the Nikita she and Nikita had built together. And one thing she taught Nikita was to hide her true face, her true self. There was a Nikita the world could see and one she had to hide away. It’s that lesson that lets Nikita have the advantage over Amanda when she’s trying to make her escape with the helium 3 replicator. Amanda claims she’ll watch Nikita die to get what she wants, but as they talk we learn Amanda thinks she gave Nikita some kind of gift. Amanda thinks she took a street kid no one wanted and made her into something. Nikita says Amanda made her a broken woman and served her up to the enemy just like her foster mother did. Amanda says Nikita broke her heart but Nikita thinks Amanda broke hers.

Nikita claims she’s willing to die as long as Amanda loses. When Amanda breaks at the last moment, Nikita escapes. What Amanda sees as a moment of weakness Nikita sees as a moment of strength. When Amanda and Ari try to flee, Amanda realizes Percy’s taken control of Division again like he said he would. With Gogol and Division on their trail, Ari and Amanda have to go on the run. They’ve got a black box in their possession, which should extend their lives but by how long? Will they be able to decrypt the black box? And while Amanda’s bitterly disappointed she let Nikita live, Nikita surprised herself by not killing Amanda.


  • Did anyone else think Birkhoff’s flirting with Sonya was a bit forced? Maybe I was just uncomfortable because he thought he was alone with her, while their interaction was actually being broadcast to all of Division.
  • And where was Sean? The entire team’s in Moscow but he’s nowhere to be found? I’m cool with him returning stateside to protect his mother or furthering their interests against Division, just tell us were he is.

Nikita airs Fridays at 8/7c on the CW.

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