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Baby Mama Drama Times Two, Parenthood “Tough Love” 

There is some serious baby drama going down on Parenthood lately. Julia is (somewhat justifiably) worried that Zoe will take her baby and run. She and Joel have done what they can to make this process a little easier – Zoe moved in with them for a little bit, they make sure she ate well and was comfortable. She’s kind of like family now. And Sarah and Mark seem ready to take that next step in their relationship. They’ve talked about having a baby with each other, but no one else. And that’s the problem.

Julia Doesn’t Know How to Give Zoe Space

Julia’s right when she says she doesn’t know how to stay out of things. But I can also see how much she cares about both Zoe and that baby and I can’t be mad at her. I didn’t think that paralegal job was right for Zoe but I understand Julia wanting to help her have some stability. It seems like Zoe has no idea what she wants to do with her life and Julia’s pushing her to take something that might not be right for her. Of course, it would help if Zoe had a high school diploma but that’s a whole other issue. I can understand Julia wanting to help Zoe be more stable – find a job, plan for her future – but she’s got to make sure it’s what Zoe wants. I do like that Julia got Zoe GED flashcards and that Zoe is letting Julia help her with that. I’m worried about what will happen when that baby is born though. There’s a reason Zoe wanted a closed adoption.

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Drew Thinks His Mom Wants an Entirely New Family

So, we know Sarah wants to have a baby with Mark but they haven’t told anybody else yet. Apparently that’s the next step in a relationship after you “get serious.” I guess I’m way more old-fashioned than I thought, but I thought the next step was marriage. I don’t have any problem with them having a baby out of wedlock (why would I?), but maybe they should move in together first? I thought Drew’s reaction to the news was so refreshingly emotional. He’s a kid of so few words so it’s a big deal when he strings a few of them together. I didn’t expect him to be so upset about Sarah and Mark’s news but I’m glad Mark got it out of him. It’s disappointing that Sarah didn’t talk to her children about a possible new addition to the family before. We’ll see where this goes. I can’t help feeling like things are about to stall out between these two, and I don’t want that.

Parenthood airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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