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Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Convention: Jim Beaver Session, Day 2 

On Saturday, February 12, I attended Day Two of Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural convention in Los Angeles. I have been to Supernatural-related events before, like Comic-Con (where I covered the press room for TV Guide Network) and the Season One Paley Fest event.  But, that’s it. I’d never been to any of the conventions, although I’ve read tons of reports from fans (Thanks to Supernatural Wiki and their handy dandy links pages for each of the conventions). So, it was cool to see what all the talk over the years has been about. It was a lot of fun seeing the actors interact with the fans. I have to say, they all have great personalities and had no trouble engaging the audience.


Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

He was the first one of the day. He was super funny, self-deprecating and was adorably uncomfortable talking about the infamous Bobby/Crowley smooch. I loved listening to him talk about his past and all the shows he’s been a part of, especially, Supernatural. You could tell he’s really appreciative of having been on the show since Season One. The fans just love him. The man simply took off his jacket and all the girls started screaming. Some of the highlights:

  • He said he was shooting in Vancouver until 10pm the previous night. Had to wake up at 4am to fly to LA. And no, he won’t reveal anything about the episode they’re currently shooting.
  • TV Goodness & Nice Girls TV contributor, Rueben, asked the first question: “If you could describe your character in one word what would it be?” First thing he came up with was “Seriously unloved.” He meant in a Bobby doesn’t get chicks kind of way…later an audience member shouts out “bitchin'” as a word that describes Bobby. Jim agreed.
  • Re: Deadwood: He loved working on that show and with Tim Olyphant. In fact, he just did an episode of Justified. Although he loves what he’s doing now, Jim would still love to be doing Deadwood.
  • His dream project: He directed a film last year that’s still in post-production. Would love to have the time to finish that.  There’s a writing project he’d love to tackle, a historical drama. Doesn’t expect that to happen soon, though. He’d also like to play with The Who even though he doesn’t play anything.
  • Given the choice of Bobby being in a relationship with Dr. Visyak (from “Like a Virgin”) or Sheriff Jody Mills (“Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” and “Weekend at Bobby’s”), Jim Beaver isn’t picky. Either one would be fine with him. He throws in “Weekend at Bobby’s” guest star Jennifer Aspen too. He’d love to see her come back.
  • Kim Johnston Ulrich (Dr. Visyak) was a bridesmaid in Jim’s wedding. They’ve known each other for 25 years.
  • An audience member made a purple heart for Jim. But the purple heart had the face of Eric Kripke instead of George Washington.
  • Someone mentioned a Rufus & Bobby spin-off, which would rock. Jim foresees one of the storylines being Bobby in a hot tub with Sheriff Mills.
  • I loved it when a guy started to ask Jim a question and Jim said: “You’re a guy. How’d you get in here?”
  • The guy asked about the inspiration behind Bobby’s name (Bobby Singer is named after Supernatural’s executive producer, Robert Singer): Robert Singer did not have the character named after himself. It really was the work of the art department. In “Devil’s Trap,” the character didn’t have a last name, but they had to create signs for Bobby’s wrecking yard. So they went with Singer and it stuck. And now, according to Jim, “Bob Singer has to live that down.”
  • The Bobby/Crowley kiss: Now, he has something to live down, said Jim. When he first heard about it his reaction was: “Really? On Camera?” I believe Jim said that that kiss was done in one take and one take only.
  • SPOILER ALERT: We’re going to learn some of Rufus and Bobby’s history in an upcoming episode.
  • Someone asks Jim how it feels to be the only responsible adult on set. He joked about it being a burden. ” We bear up.” He also talks about how Jensen and Jared try to break him when they’re shooting his coverage. And (he says) they haven’t done it yet. Though they keep trying.
  • Jim’s favorite Bobby line: “So get the hell off my property before I blast you so full of rock salt you crap margaritas!” Jim saw this line on the page and said ‘Oh, that’s a Bobby line!’
  • Jim would have loved to work with: John Wayne, Laurence Olivier, Buster Keaton, Groucho Marx, Robert Mitchum and would still love to work with Robert Duvall.
  • Someone asked him what Bobby’s alternate universe job would be (a la Dean and Sam in “It’s a Terrible Life”): Male stripper.
  • Jim can’t believe he’s the short guy on the show. And he’s not short by any means. But up against Jensen and, especially Jared, he’s the short guy.
  • Jim recounts his past in the Marine corps. He says it was a great experience, but the hardest thing he’s ever done in his life. It didn’t help he had flat feet.
  • He got to see what Bobby looks like in the Supernatural Anime universe. He thinks Bobby looks a lot like Clif (resident bodyguard and Tiny in “Folsom Prison Blues.”)
  • Favorite stunt he ever did was the first one he ever did on a show called Paradise. He played a bad guy and his character was supposed to get shot and fall down the stairs. He wanted to do the stunt and at first they said no because there was still more to shoot. He reminded them this was his last day of shooting and then they said okay. So he did it and somehow he ended up rotating twice in the air before hitting the ground. It was very cool and it looked good.
  • Jim ended things just by saying how much he loves to get to do this and it’s because of the fans. I think everyone enjoyed the Jim Beaver session. I know I did.

For links to other reports from Salute to Supernatural, go here… (Sorry, I didn’t get any pics of Jim, guys!)

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