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Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Convention: Traci Dinwiddie and Richard Speight, Jr., Day 2 



Photo Credit: Tina Charles/TV Goodness

These two gave great panel, I have to say. It kicked off with a Traci and friends African drums performance; at one point she actually did a bit of African dance. It was pretty awesome. Once we got to the Q&A portion, Traci and Richard didn’t stick to the stage, they went out into the audience and let them ask question from their seats; they were also adorably flirty with their answers and their banter. Some of the highlights:

Photo Credit: Tina Charles/TV Goodness
  • Richard wants to know why he’s not being introduced with the drums. Doesn’t matter, since he has a maraca with him; so he keeps the beats going while he walks up to the stage.
  • Richard about Traci’s drums and dance performance: “If you don’t find that sexy, you’re dead.”
  • The questions start. Richard’s go-to Karaoke song: He (and the crowd) say at the same time: “Love Shack.” Apparently he thinks it’s less of a song and more of a casual conversation, so it’s right up his alley.
  • Someone asked Richard to talk about Dick Winters, one of the soldiers chronicled in Band of Brothers, the HBO miniseries Richard starred in as Sergeant Warren “Skip” Muck. He mentioned a fund-raising event that will help build a memorial to the war hero who recently passed away. He and some of the other BoB cast members will be jumping out of an airplane. Scary!!!!
  • Traci talks about her unofficial campaign to become the next Wonder Woman. Supernatural fans are ready to fight for her and she’s hoping it’s something that could happen. She’s hoping they’re not looking for a young model-like girl, that they’re looking for someone more seasoned. She mentioned how she’s gotten in shape within the last year — she gave up sugar and flour. She looks amazing, so there’s no doubt she has what it takes to tackle a role like Wonder Woman.
  • Is there a TV show or band that would get them to attend a convention? Traci answers how she was in the Vancouver airport and spotted Fringe’s John Noble. She went up and met him and got all fangirl-y. She’d love to meet Julianna Margulies someday or play her sister or cousin because they share the eyebrows thing.
  • Favorite line their respective characters got to say: (Richard) “You’re a great big bag of d–ks.” (Traci) “You can bounce a nickel off that thing.”
  • OK, I just remember the term “Captain Cuddlepants” being uttered but I can’t remember in what context. But I liked the nickname so there you go.
  • Richard’s shooting an episode of FX’s Justified as we speak. Hence, the bearded look he had going on at the convention. He said the cast is a phenomenally talented group of guys. And he mentions that Jeremy Davies and Walton Goggins are both astonishing actors. He’s loving working on the show.
  • Favorite dance step: We already saw Traci’s at the beginning of the session. Richard demonstrated his favorite. It’s just him standing there doing absolutely nothing. He’s a stand there and watch kind of guy.
  • Superhero Richard would want to be: I love that he said Aquaman. I don’t think I’ve ever heard any other actor ever say Aquaman. But he loves water…
  • Richard loved that a member of the audience was drinking Pepsi Max. He talked about how fun it was doing those commercials and working with rapper Snoop Dogg and New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez.
  • Yes, someone asked Traci about kissing Jensen in “Dark Side of the Moon”: At a European convention, she was asked this question and she said something about it feeling like she was “sucking on a Jolly Rancher.” That didn’t translate too well. But what she meant by it was that before “the kiss” she drank some Tahitian Hazelnut Tea and he sucked on a Jolly Rancher (it makes the situation more pleasant for both parties); and because she had given up sugar she really wanted that Jolly Rancher.  Hilarious. When she found out there was going to be a kiss in the script she did a double take and was like: “What? No…The fans are going to hate me. This might be fun!” I love Traci. And no, no one hated her for that kiss at all. At least, I don’t think anyone did!
  • Traci ended up hugging one of her Aussie fans — and gave her more for her Aussie friends who couldn’t be there. (NOTE: if you follow @AmyinSydney on Twitter, you can find out the actual story)
  • Richard gave Gabriel some back story: “Clearly Gabriel was a stripper in Hoboken.” First, Jim Beaver thinks Bobby would be a male stripper in an alternate universe, now Gabriel has a stripper past. Hmmm…very interesting…
  • If Richard weren’t acting he’d be a marine biologist.

I was really sad to see this session end, it was way too short. Just sayin’…

For links to other reports/vids/twitpics from Salute to Supernatural, go here (the pictures of Traci and Richard are my only ones of the day.)

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