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Heather’s 2012 TV Goodness All-Stars: Covert Affairs’ Oded Fehr 

Photo credit: USA Network
Photo credit: USA Network

As we close out another year, it’s time for TV Goodness to focus on the All-Stars who brought us joy all year. My first pick for 2012 is Covert Affairs’ Oded Fehr. Fehr has been on my radar close to a decade and a half, since he appeared in the first Mummy film, long-haired and tattooed and delicious. He thankfully came back for the first sequel. He’s also pretty much the reason I’ve seen the Resident Evil films. He’s bounced around on U.S. television in recurring roles for several years. so I was thrilled when he turned up in Covert Affairs two years ago, and downright giddy that he was a rotating feature player this year in the show’s stellar third season, appearing in six episodes.

Fehr plays Eyal Lavine, a Mossad agent who crosses path with Annie on missions around the world, and with whom he shares a crackling chemistry. He’s her friend, her confidante, and sometimes savior, going so far, with Auggie’s help, as to break her out of a Black Ops prison and get her home. She’s returned the favor to him five times (that he’s counted), and I’m firmly in the camp that he loves her, and if she’d have him, he’d pack in the spy life and sail around the world with her. But that’s not in the cards (yet).

Photo credit: USA Network
Photo credit: USA Network

What makes Fehr an All-Star in the role is that he clicks with everybody—he’s not only great with Piper Perabo but also Chris Gorham. When we finally had Annie’s two guys together, Eyal took Auggie into a big bear hug and when they had to work together get her ass out of a jam, there wasn’t any toe-stepping. I loved the season finale for a lot of reasons, but I really enjoyed that Eyal was protective of and immediately aligned to Auggie, and that it went both ways.

Fehr has an infectious grin and an easy physicality in the role, and he has these wonderful small moments where he doesn’t say much but his eyes tell us what we need to know. There’s a great scene in “Scary Monsters” when Eyal and Annie have fought and he unexpectedly shows up in time to shoot the guy who has an upper hand on her. They don’t say a word to each other but he gives her a smile that says all is forgiven.

There’s also a perfect moment in the finale when Eyal takes leave of Annie in a busy train station that’s electric with possibility even though they never touch each other. He makes her a very tantalizing offer to ditch the CIA and come with him, promising her a beautiful sunset from the deck of his yacht. She doesn’t tell him no, just that it sounds wonderful. They say a sweet not-goodbye and she turns to leave him. When she looks back, he’s gone.

Thankfully, the door has been left open for Fehr to return in the fourth season, and I’d be totally on board if we hear he’s been upped to series regular. Because, really? That would just be full of awesome.

Covert Affairs returns next summer, and you can catch a handful of the most recent episodes online at USA’s website.

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  1. Twodales

    Couldn’t agree more…except the Annie & Auggie kiss made me feel squeamish.

    I did want to smack Annie at the train station too. After EVERYTHING she couldn’t give him a hug, kiss on the cheek or even reach out her hand to touch his arm? The emotion the guy portrayed with his eyes in that scene… Oh my…..I adore Eyal Lavin. No hesitation…I’d be on that yacht in a millisecond. P.S. Come visit us at Facebook-Fans of Oded Fehr

  2. Fi

    There’s a great scene in “Wishful Beginnings” when Eyal and Annie have fought and he unexpectedly shows up

    That would be in the “Scary Monsters” episode.

    1. Heather M

      Thanks, Fi. Will correct. I don’t have the ep on DVR anymore (had planned to retape but then there was no marathon) and thought it was “Wishful Beginnings.”

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