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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: Titus Welliver on The Good Wife 

Photo Credit: David M. Russell/CBS

Titus Welliver isn’t just a guest star, he’s a recurring star. It’s a pleasure to see on The Good Wife, even if he’s causing all sorts of trouble for Peter and/or Alicia Florrick. Not only has he formed a strategic alliance with Wendy Scott-Carr, but he’s plotting to get Cary to stay in the State’s Attorney’s office.

Glenn Childs is gearing up for his re-election. He’s dyed his hair (not becoming at all) and wants to clean up his case load to make sure the voters are seeing results. Cary wisely chooses to play into this. He’s always been great at his job, but lately he’s taken it to a whole new level. I have to say I’m impressed. But back to Glenn Childs. He knows Cary got an offer from Lockhart Gardner & Bond (because Cary told him) and he knows Cary wants to stay put. But Cary needs Childs to make him an offer. Even with budget cuts, Cary is able to show Childs what he’s made of. He plays a smart, shrewd game. Actually, they both do. But don’t think Childs doesn’t know what Cary’s up to. I think Childs has his number but he’s not about to show his cards…yet. He’s got something big planned for Cary. I still think Childs isn’t above using Cary in any way he can to help his campaign and to hurt the Florricks and Lockhart, Gardner & Bond. But Childs is making a strategic mistake. Cary has friends and despite what Childs thinks, Cary is a tremendous asset. It would be unwise of have Cary as an enemy. I also think it’s unwise for Childs to assume Peter is out of the race. Just because his campaign is bankrupt doesn’t mean he’s dropping out.

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