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Character Development: Peter Doesn’t Want His Parent’s Marriage, The Good Wife 

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Neira/CBS

I wouldn’t say Peter is asking for complete forgiveness but he’s asking for more than what he has now. His parents slept in separate beds for twenty years and he isn’t about to let that happen to him and Alicia. But is Alicia ready to let Peter back in? He says he wants to share the bedroom but he’s asking for so much more.

Chris Noth‘s Peter knows things haven’t been ok between him and Alicia for a long time. It started before his affair but he’s been determined to make amends. Peter did his time, found God, he’s putting his family first, and he’s been patient while Alicia tries to figure things out. He knows she hasn’t been completely honest with him about her feelings, but is he really one to judge? In “Silly Season,” Peter stops making excuses (for himself and for Alicia) and asks for what he wants. He wants back into her life. He wants them to operate as a unit. He wants another chance, a real chance. And, for Peter, the way to signify that he really has been given a second chance is for him to get back into their room. Once Peter’s there, he probably thinks everything else will fall back into place. It’s a good first step and things are certainly looking good for him when Alicia leaves the door open. We’ll see what happens. I wouldn’t count Will out just yet.

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