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Quick Takes: A Q&A with Nika Williams 

Quick Takes: A Q&A with Nika Williams

Nika Williams

In this Quick Takes Q&A, we focus on actress, model, stand-up comedian and political activist, Nika Williams. Her comedy street cred includes studying at the Groundlings Theatre, being a finalist on Shaq’s Comedy Contest and appearing on Centric TV’s Next Comedy All Star.

She recently guest starred as Pastor Ramona in an episode of Greenleaf, the OWN drama that’s one of this summer’s biggest hits.

We sent some questions to her via email and here’s what she had to say:

TV Goodness: I love that you were a fashion model that has transitioned into a comedian. That’s not something you read or hear every day. How did you decide to make the transition?

Nika Williams: In the modeling world, you’re not hired to have an opinion but just serve as a hanger for the clothing. So my outgoing personality wasn’t a great fit so I started putting my energy towards doing comedy.

TV Goodness: And how easy or bumpy was that transition?

Nika: I still do some modeling stuff but now I’m more comfortable with bringing my personality to a shoot. Who wants a boring model!

TV Goodness: Where did your love of comedy come from?

Nika: I grew up watching [The] Carol Burnett Show but I’ve always been naturally silly.

TV Goodness: What do you consider your big break in comedy?

Nika: My big break in comedy is the first time I did it. It was so terrifying but once I decided this was I wanted to do it put me on a path toward my passion.

TV Goodness: Who are your biggest influences when it comes to comedy?

Nika: I love Bernie Mac, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Kristen Wiig. I love bigger than life actors.

TV Goodness: Your bio says that you want to make a change in how your audience views the world. What does that mean and how do you want to go about doing that?

Nika: I want people to know that the world will make room for their talents. God has given each person all they need to greatly affect the world and be a game changer.

TV Goodness: You’ve guest starred in a number of primetime comedies and dramas. What’s your favorite experience and why?

Nika: I really enjoyed working with Jamie Foxx. He directed me in a sketch where I was a stuttering sex operator. He really me pushed me to find the funny.

TV Goodness: What was it like to guest star on OWN’s Greenleaf as Pastor Ramona?

Nika: I must say this has been one of my most rewarding gigs. It came at a time when I was doubting my path but God showed up in a mighty way! I get to portray a character who influences a group of kids to follow God. Wont he do it!

TV Goodness: You’re about to appear on Disney Channel’s Best Friends Whenever. What can you tease about that appearance?

Nika: Lets just say I play a detective who don’t take no mess.

TV Goodness: What’s your dream job? Is it a scripted comedy, a sketch comedy series or something that’s totally unique?

Nika: My dream job is doing stand-up around the world. There’s nothing like being on stage being myself.

TV Goodness: What’s next for you?

Nika: I don’t know whats next but I’m sure The Most High is setting it up to be my best.

TV Goodness: What’s your favorite TV show and why?

Photo Credit: Eric Liebowitz / Netflix
Photo Credit: Eric Liebowitz / Netflix

Nika: I love [Netflix’s] Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt…one reason: Titus Andromedon. This character gives me all my life!

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