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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes From Modern Family “Slow Down Your Neighbors” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Adam Larkey

Episode: “Slow Down Your Neighbors”

Cameron: “Mitchell, there’s a stranger in our hot tub.”
Mitchell: “Who is it?”
Cameron: “You do know what stranger means, don’t you?”
Phil: “What are you guys doing?”
Luke: “What the cops won’t.”
Phil Dunphy: “Sweet Valley High, this is that woman from the house on 7th Street!”

Jay: “Stephen Hawking could ride that bike.”

Gloria: “My mother thought that riding a bike was dangerous. She would say, ‘That’s how people grab you!'”

Mitchell: “What part of Europe is he from, Pretentious-stan?”

Cameron: “I don’t feel safe in my own home!”

Claire: “I called the police and they were totally unhelpful.”
Luke: “Surprise, surprise.”

Mitchell: “I looked like Little Orphan Annie…the cartoon.”

Phil: “Or things are so good at home, she’s out looking for problems.”

Mrs. Ko: “You two so lucky they don’t let you get married.”

Cameron: “Are you living in our daughter’s princess castle?”
Barry: “What? Don’t be ridiculous. I’m living in here, man. Sleeping in there.”

Cameron: “Don’t give me the coyote look, I’m not a canine.”

Phil: “I wish I were one of those people who thrives on the danger of leading a double life. You know, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Hannah Montana.”

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