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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from The Vampire Diaries “The Birthday” 

Photo Credit: Annette Brown/The CW

Episode: “The Birthday”

  • “I thought you country folk were supposed to be more trusting.” “I’m from Florida.”
  • “Now, show me a little Southern hospitality, sweet pea.”
  • “I love it when they run.”
  • “Kill this one quickly. Make that one suffer. I’ll be in the car.”
  • “You see, I want to create more of me. Now, you being the first werewolf I’ve come across in many a moon — pun intended, right — I need you to direct me to your pack.”
  • “You know, you should learn to knock. What if I was…indecent?”
  • “You’re swifty swift, Ray.
  • “You know I keep waiting for them to kick me out, but they don’t.”
  • “But you kissed him. Probably screwed with his head.” “Tyler! I’m sorry.”
  • “Just because I tell you things doesn’t mean you’re allowed to know them.”
  • “You’re bringing a date? Slutty Sophie is your date?”
  • “And…I’m horny all the time now!”
  • “Well, I hope you get lucky tonight.”
  • “I am every parent’s worst nightmare. I am the chaperone-teacher from hell.”
  • “Jeremy’s smoking again.” “Is his stash any good?” “You’re an ass.”
  • “You’re screwed.”
  • “Great party, Caroline.” “Thanks! (Caroline compels Slutty Sophie) Now, leave it.” “What the hell?”
  • “I’ve already been there once with you, OK, and you said no—you shut me down. I’m not going back there again unless you make it crystal clear that you—” (Caroline and Tyler kiss)
  • “Andie wants me to pick her up.” “Your fake compelled girlfriend wants you to be a chivalrous boyfriend?” “Well, it’s a complicated dynamic. Hold the fort down, will you?” “You mean the fort filled with my drunk history students?” “Drink more. And feel less weird.”
  • “I saw your closet.” “Oh oh. Gotta go. Gotta go. Beer Pong!”
  • “Stefan.” “Hello, brother.” “You don’t write. You don’t call.”
  • “What you’re supposed to do is let me go.”
  • “Not cool, brother.” “Oh, come on. It’s a little bit cool. No?”
  • “Stefan, if this is you. You’ll be OK. I love you, Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go.”

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