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TV Ties: The Social Network’s Armie Hammer 

Photo Credit: Columbia Picutres

Yes, I’m totally late to the party on The Social Network. I just saw it last night and it deserves the accolades heaped on it by the National Review Board and I hope it gets more awards as Red Carpet season heats up. Usually at TV Goodness, we only do a TV Ties edition if multiple actors from a movie are/were in television shows. I can’t really do that here because as far as I know only Armie Hammer has had some TV gigs. In fact, you may have already seen through my ruse. I really just want to talk about Armie Hammer. Have you seen him? He’s pretty. And he can act.

If you’re a tv-holic like me, you will remember Armie from an arc on Gossip Girl, where he played Gabriel Edwards. At first I thought he was just another fling for Serena but he ended up being the boyfriend of Poppy Lifton, who was conning the Upper Eastsiders along with Georgina (am I remembering that right?). I can’t remember whether or not I liked the arc but I liked looking at Armie. I don’t mean to objectify him…ok, yes I do. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers – or for any other reason.

Next, I saw him on Bravo’s Double Exposure. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with this reality show, but it’s about two photographers – Markus and Indrani – who work to together to craft beautiful photos (when they’re not fighting). Armie and 90210’s Jessica Stroup were being photographed for Flaunt Magazine and it was fun to see Markus and Indrani’s process (when they weren’t fighting). The photos were taken in Palm Springs at a number of locations. The photo above is one of the final products. Here are the other shots.

According to my research he’s also been on Reaper, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, and Desperate Housewives.

Now let’s talk about The Social Network. Armie plays twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. David Fincher does a magnificent job convincing us that Armie has a twin who he managed to cast in the movie as well. I think David Fincher learned a lot about facial manipulation from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and it really pays off here. Not only are the twins very different personalities but Armie does a great job of making each twin look and feel distinctive. I’m not sure I was necessarily impressed with his acting chops before. I am now. If you haven’t seen The Social Network yet you really should. Everything clicks here: the writing, acting, and direction. I hear Oscar calling…

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