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TNT’s Leverage Cancelled 

Photo Credit: Erik Heinila/TNT

Well, we knew this was a possibility but now it’s officially a reality.

The episode of TNT’s Leverage that’s airing on Christmas Day will be its last. The show is coming to an end after five fabulous seasons. Here’s some of the network’s statement:

TNT’s Leverage has thrilled audiences with its delightfully intricate plots, its “stand up for the little guy” attitude and its terrific performances from stars Timothy Hutton, Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge. But after five wonderful years, it’s time to say goodbye…

We are honored to have worked with executive producer Dean Devlin, Electric Entertainment, creators John Rogers and Chris Downey, and all the cast and production crew on Leverage. We look forward to exploring new opportunities to work with them again in the future. We also want to thank the passionately devoted fans of Leverage, who have been the driving force behind its success.

All season long fans have been tweeting their support for the show and urging for renewal. Still, many were not aware of the show’s dire straits until EP Dean Devlin posted an open letter to the fans talking about the decision to treat the last episode of season 5 as if it were the series finale because they did not know if the show was going to get renewed. From Devlin on Dec. 6, 2012:

I sincerely hope you watch these last three episodes.  They build to our conclusion.  And the finale, I believe, is the most powerful episode we’ve ever done.

On Friday Dec. 21, after news of the cancellation broke, Devlin was back with another note to the fans. In it he thanked TNT for their “support and collaboration.” And he thanked the cast:

I also want to thank everyone involved in making the show.  Tim, Gina, Beth, Christian and Aldis are the finest ensemble of actors I’ve ever worked with.  They’ve become our partners, our friends and our family.

This is incredibly sad news because Leverage is something special. It’s fun to watch — from the cast to the cases to the show’s chemistry-filled couples Sophie and Nate as well as Parker and Hardison. And when it comes to action, Badass Eliot can’t be beat. Plus, everyone involved with the show behind the scenes is as passionate about the series as the fans are — and that’s evident all over social media. Thankfully, the producers had the foresight to give the series some closure with the airing of “The Long Goodbye Job” and this won’t be another case of a show finishing its run without a proper ending. Some more words from Devlin’s goodbye:

I’m so happy we were able to film the series finale we had always envisioned and I’m happy we’re able to present it on Christmas as our gift to you.  It’s a bittersweet goodbye.

A synopsis for “The Long Goodbye Job”: When Nate takes a case linked to his son’s death, he leads the team into their riskiest and deadliest con. Catherine Dent (The Shield) and Mark Sheppard (Supernatural) guest-star.

Leverage “The Long Goodbye Job” airs on Christmas Day at 10/9c. TNT stated the series finale “stands as one of the show’s best episodes.”

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  1. Margena

    I really hate to see the show go. I very much enjoyed watching the way this team came together using their bad habit skills to help people in need. The fight scenes with Elliot ( Christian Kane) were awesome. Wish they would reconsider their decision. The fans will miss that emptiness on TNT from losing this show on Tuesday nights.

  2. Heather M

    Sorry to hear this, Tina. I know it was one of your favorites.

    1. Tina Charles

      Thanks Heather!

  3. bill norris

    Whatever show the deem worthy enough to replace this show had better be the best bit of television imaginable. It had better have better stories, better actors and better personal relationships among said characters. If it doesnt meet and beat these criteria then a huge and horrible mistake will have been made by the studio heads who decided getting rid of an exceptionally awesome show was a smart idea. I weep for the canceling team. Too melodramatic?

  4. Ute Schmitz (@UteHSchmitz)

    I am going to miss this show 🙁 Leverage was my favorite show on TV and I still cannot understand the decision TNT has made. They cancelled a nominee for a People

  5. ann ryce

    aTnt failed Leverage, it’s cast, crew, writers, producers,Dean as well as us, the fans! This started back in June when tnt only advertised Leverage between 3-4am, does this sound like a network that cared? NO! We are looking into USA network picking it and US up and giving us a new home! Tnt stabbed E1 in the back over this!

  6. Mystique

    We’ve lost the battle, but the war is still on! We’re all over Twitter and Facebook, begging USA Network to pick the show up for another season or two. The crew and cast have stated many times that though the episode that airs tonight IS the series finale, they were all still willing to do more. A lot of the fans are still trying to make that happen. The writing was still strong, the acting was still amazing, the crew were still doing whatever it took to get the job done and make the show look great from wardrobe to prop department to the effects. We know all good things must come to an end – eventually – but it’s NOT time for Leverage to end just yet!!!

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