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The Vampire Diaries: Casting Klaus 

So, TVD‘s Klaus is the BAMF that makes Rose and Katherine tremble and Elijah kill with impunity. Who should fill his formidable fangs? We can’t find anything to nail down Klaus’s age other than a reference to LJ Smith basing him on Rutger Hauer’s The Hitcher, so we’re going to assume he’s physically older than the Salvatores by at least a decade. Not sure if the casting announcement is imminent, but before it is, we decided to take a stab at brainstorming who should play the key role. Remember, no idea is too stupid. Here are our selections, in no particular order. All would be welcome on our TV. — Heather M and Tina Charles

Think Big

These guys are major stars but we’d love to see them compel us Thursday nights on the CW anyway. No actor is too big for this brainstorming session.

-If we’re keeping Hitcher analogies, Sean Bean would hold his own against everybody and then some.

-He once was Lost, but we’d love to find him on The Vampire Diaries. Yes, why not Josh Holloway? If he’s done filming Mission Impossible 4 and he doesn’t commit to any other movie or TV series (ahem…the reboot to the reboot of Rockford Files…ahem); then why can’t he take time in his busy schedule to make life hell for Elena and the Salvatore brothers?

-Now that Friday Night Lights has completed filming, we’re sure Taylor Kitsch has an eye on a long, lucrative career in the movies. But before the big screen beckons, the actor could trade in his cleats for fangs. We’d really appreciate it.

Rising Stars

Johann Urb

Johann Urb starred in 2012 with John Cusack, ABC’s Eastwick and FX’s Dirt. He’s blond.  He’s beautiful. We think he could tear it up as Klaus. Plus, he’s no stranger to the WB/CW studio system having starred on the short-lived The Mountain; he also did a guest spot on One Tree Hill. In fact, Eastwick was even a Warner Bros. Television series. The WB loves to hire from within. Chad Michael Murray, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were all on previous WB series before hitting it big on OTH and Supernatural.

-If they’re going to go younger, Chris Olivero, who was awesome on Julie Plec’s prior show, Kyle XY, could absolutely bring it, and we want him working again.

Kris Holden-Reid is currently burning up Canadian TV as a werewolf on Lost Girl and on hiatus from playing a wanna-be reformed bad detective on The Bridge, so he’s equally believable as a morally ambiguous supernatural being and human.

Outside the Blond Box

Klaus is supposed to be a platinum blond, but casting does not necessarily need to follow suit.

Warren Christie

Warren Christie, because he’s done the vampire thing on Supernatural, human creepy on October Road, and possibly not-human creepy on Happy Town.

Victor Webster

Victor Webster is tall, dark, handsome and can do the bad boy thing pretty easily. His Castle stint as Beckett’s BF hasn’t really amounted to anything so we think he could really savor a role like Klaus.

Too Bad These Guys Are Already Taken

These guys have jobs but maybe they could work The Vampire Diaries into their busy schedules. Pretty please?

Colin Ferguson

-Precisely because he is known primarily as a good guy, Colin Ferguson from Syfy’s Eureka, would be a scary bad-ass villain because you wouldn’t think he could be.

Mark Valley

-If he wasn’t already saving the world as Christopher Chance on Human Target, we’d say Mark Valley.

Gale Harold

Gale Harold‘s criminally underused on fellow CW series Hellcats. Maybe he can lend his talents for as long as Klaus is set to raise hell in Mystic Falls.

-If size doesn’t matter, and we’ve found no mention of Klaus being tall (and Elijah’s not tall), Ian Tracey—watch him in Intelligence or Davinci’s Inquest to see his range. He’s also about to play a historically significant bipolar villain on Sanctuary, which is genius. It’s a recurring role so he could still spend some quality time on The Vampire Diaries.

EDITED TO ADD: Just spotted some info about the casting of Klaus. We found the spoiler-y information at

Who do you think should play Klaus?

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