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Legends Preview: “Betrayal” [VIDEO] 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead Martin’s already back undercover – much to the dismay of Agent McGuire and even the deputy director of the FBI – as international arms dealer Dante Auerbach. They’re trying to take the nerve agent VX out of play, even though Morris Chestnut’s Agent Rice threatens their entire…

First Watch: Game of Thrones 

Everything I learn about this world and these people will be from this show. I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, but only if it’s on the big or small screen. I can’t take it in written form even though I’ve worked at a number of bookstores where the series is revered….

The Vampire Diaries: Casting Klaus 

So, TVD‘s Klaus is the BAMF that makes Rose and Katherine tremble and Elijah kill with impunity. Who should fill his formidable fangs? We can’t find anything to nail down Klaus’s age other than a reference to LJ Smith basing him on Rutger Hauer’s The Hitcher, so we’re going to…