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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Cate Stark Works Her Connections on Game of Thrones “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things” 

Photo Credit: HBO

We only had a few brief minutes in Lady Catelyn Stark’s company tonight but she made every second count. As you know, Lady Stark has been searching for answers since the attack on Bran’s life. She had her suspicions after the fall that paralyzed him and they were confirmed after she helped stop an assassin coming to finish the job. Her search took her to King’s Landing where she discovered the instrument meant to kill her son was owned by Tryrion Lannister. So when he walks into a tavern where she is trying to quietly and inconspicuously take a meal, she doesn’t hesitate to call on men she only knows by reputation to help her apprehend the man she thinks is responsible for trying to harm Bran. And they eagerly come to her aid.

Of course we know Tyrion had nothing to do with the attempt on Bran’s life. Of all the Lannisters, he’s the most honorable and that’s saying quite a bit. But I think Cate can only see his last name when she looks at him and I’m not sure she’s that interested in hearing any explanations, should Tyrion care to give any. Cate is defending her child and she’s got the good will of those men to help her see justice done. I like that we learned a little more about Cate’s family tonight – the family she was a part of before she married Ned Stark. Her father is held in very high regard and, in turn, so is she. So when she calls on those noble men to help her apprehend Tyrion they don’t hesitate. Even more impressive is her ability to command the support of all these men when they don’t know her personally. She’s someone to be reckoned with. I pity the fool who thinks they can get the better or her just because she’s a woman.

Poor Tyrion. It’s not his fault he’s the member of such an ignoble family, although he certainly does his part to try and fit in with them. I hope he gets the chance to defend himself. I’d hate to see such an interesting and entertaining character die so soon.

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