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Moment of Goodness

Leverage’s Moment of Goodness: Eliot’s Badass Gunfight 

Photo Credit: TNT

The Leverage two-part season finale was so much fun. I enjoyed the group’s quest to take down Damien Moreau. First, there was a bomb that needed to be dealt with and then the ultimate con, one that ended with Moreau in prison.

I especially enjoyed “The San Lorenzo Job” as Nate and the gang stole an election from the politician under Moreau’s thumb. The way Sophie groomed the shy presidential candidate was really sweet. She really wanted him to win so he could help give San Lorenzo the freedom it deserved. I’m very happy Goran Visnjic played the big bad, although it’s always tough for me to see my favorite actors as the villains on this show. Our Leverage grifters, thieves and hackers usually make the bad guys look like complete idiots. As they imprisoned him in the San Lorenzo tombs, Damien really did look ridiculous. It made me wonder why this guy was supposed to be so formidable in the first place. As for “The Italian,” I had never really warmed up to her before these last two episodes. She lightened up a little and finally seemed like she fit in more with the general tone of the show.


What worked better in the finale is the fact that the writers/producers tied Moreau to Eliot. They shared a past. They didn’t go too much into detail but we got the picture after he said the worst thing he’s ever done he did for Moreau. I love how Eliot told Parker not to ask him because if she asked him about it, he was going to tell her and he obviously doesn’t want her to know. Actually, he doesn’t want any of them to know about his sordid (and bloody) past. I wonder if the show will get more specific with the details as the series continues. Nice character development for Eliot in these two episodes.

The Moment of Goodness (MOG) isn’t when Nate and Sophie ended up in bed together, although that’s probably the runner-up. The MOG came in the first of the two-parter, “The Big Bang Job.” Eliot, Nate and The Italian were trapped in a warehouse by a bunch of Moreau’s gun-wielding goons. In order to let Nate and the injured woman out of there, he had to take these guys down himself. So lots of bullets were fired and even though Eliot hates guns, it turned out he knows how to use them really well, another key to his killer past.

The stage was set for an epic showdown as Eliot stepped out to face his rivals. The action paused for a moment with both sides just staring each other down. Then Eliot unloaded. He went after the bad guys with a gun in each hand, slipping and sliding underneath a river of bullets. While he was busy playing dodge-the-bullets, he took the henchmen out but good. On the one hand, I kept thinking how ridiculously over-the-top this scene was, but on the other hand, it was 100% pure awesomeness.

Seriously, I didn’t care about Eliot not even getting grazed by a single bullet, let alone ten of them. I don’t care that when he first stepped out after a lull in the gunfight, any number of them could have shot him up. Instead, they waited for him to do his thing. It all doesn’t matter when you get a scene that’s all about the action. I keep saying over and over again in my various blogs that I love action. Can’t get enough of it. I was completely satiated by Eliot going medieval on Damien’s thugs and he came out the sole victor. Too many shows skimp on the fights because it’s too expensive or whatever reason they have. That so didn’t happen here. I felt like I was watching a scene that was movie-worthy. And Christian Kane pulled it off phenomenally.

At the end of the finale, Eliot asked Nate to keep what he did between them. He doesn’t want the rest of the group to know. This was kind of heartbreaking because you know that he didn’t want to kill. Not even for a good reason. But he’ll do it if he has to do it. Again, I wonder if we’ll be revisiting Eliot’s killer past in Season 4. I hope so.

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