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Moment of Sadness: Donna Gets Fired, Suits “Break Point” 

Photo Credit: Robert Ascroft/USA Network

Warning: Major spoilers for this week’s episode

Right now, I’m in complete and utter denial over the events of this latest intense episode of USA Network’s Suits. I had the feeling that Pearson Hardman would have to take the hard line but I also thought that something would happen to save the day. That Donna wouldn’t have to pay for destroying that memo.

But she did pay. Harvey couldn’t fix it. Donna made a colossal mistake. She hadn’t realized that finding the memo was a good thing. With it in hand, they could have proved that Harvey hadn’t buried the memo. Instead, after Allison Holt (guest star Diane Neal) aggressively questioned Donna, she got scared. She finally shredded the document that she had tried to shred several times before.

Donna showed us something we really hadn’t seen before on Suits. She showed us she was human. She’s always been this ultra cool, gorgeous, superhuman character to me. She has been that perfect support to Harvey. At the end of last season, she did what she had to do to protect him from the bad guys. Both she and Jessica did. So, to have to witness Jessica fire Donna at the end of “Break Point,” was so very heartbreaking.

Now I shudder to think how Harvey’s going to handle losing his best asset. Especially when he’s fighting for his career. The family of the man whose reputation he obliterated in court doesn’t just want money; they want him to be stripped of his senior partner title and reported to the New York Bar Association. Donna’s actions in shredding the memo leaves him completely vulnerable. There had to be consequences but I still can’t help feeling that Donna’s been there for him so many times that this one grievous offense could be written off. Having said that, her actions don’t only reflect badly on her boss, Harvey, they threaten the very existence of the firm.

Photo Credit:Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

Watching Suits in season 2 has continually been an intense experience. I have been on the edge of my seat from beginning to end of each engrossing episode. The show has taken things to a whole new level of awesomeness. Now, I want to know how the hell Harvey’s going to get Donna back. What are the effects of her firing going to be? In the preview for the next episode (which airs Thursday, July 26), Harvey does not seem like he’s in a good place. In “Break Point,” he’s done some things I never thought he’d do. 1. Admit he’s wrong. 2. Say he’s sorry. 3. Let Donna go. 4. Let Mike try a case on his own so soon.

On the plus side, Jessica is again putting her faith in Harvey. She’s not letting Hardman dictate anything. And they’re going to fight for Harvey’s career. As for Donna, I still think Harvey can fix things like Mike seems to think he can. The question is how long is that going to take? Donna is Harvey’s assistant. It’s been difficult seeing her so terrified of what she’s done and how she let Harvey down. It was painful having to see Harvey push the down button on the elevator while Donna carried her box of belongings out of Pearson Hardman. But I know things will go their way eventually and Donna will be back at her desk where she belongs.

Suits airs Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

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  1. Heather M

    I was disappointed he didn’t take the box from her and get in the elevator with her. I didn’t need to see their conversation but I’d have been satisfied if the doors closed on them after they were in the elevator together.

    1. Tina Charles

      That would have been nice but that would have taken away from the seriousness of the moment. I liked the way they handled it even though I, ultimately, would have loved if he had gone down with her.

  2. Heather M

    True. It emphasized that she was taking the fall on her own.

  3. Kevin Lowe

    I wouldn’t worry too much ladies I smell a sub-plot below the surface, brewing up some surprise. Not likely the shows producers would sabotage the chemistry of the show. Second, I looked up on and nothing showing as current or future projects for her.

  4. Darrius

    At first let me say this. I like Donna and want her to come back, but I am glad that last night happened. I have seen many shows where I like the characters but nothing important ever happens. Last night was important. Harvey and Donna were both perfect. Harvey was a perfect lawyer and Donna was a perfect secretary; now they are not perfect. Donna is going to change, Harvey is going to change; and their relationship is going to change. In order to be something, you got to go through something.

    That said,

    Donna had to be fired in order to protect Harvey and the firm. Still I am hopeful because of the things that they didn’t show. I am not sure that Donna actually shredded the document. Normally they would show something like that and they didn’t show it. They didn’t actually show Jessica and Harvey talking about firing Donna. What happened in that conversation? Could Harvey actually go through with it? Did he go to bat for her? And BTW, what made Jessica decide to go to court for Harvey instead of taking the deal?

    I feel the presence of some larger plan in the works. The question is is it Harvey and Jessica conspiring, or is it all Jessica protecting Harvey.

  5. Heather M

    I’m sure it’s not permament and that Donna will be back but it didn’t occur to me that it might be a dupe. Interesting idea!

  6. Tj

    I dont get it, How come donna doesnt know that finding that memo is a good news!! Having it doesnt mean any harm.

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