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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Michael Imperioli on Detroit 1-8-7 

Photo Credit: ABC

It’s so nice to see Michael Imperioli back on television starring in his own show. He was on Life on Mars and I think we all remember him from The Sopranos. also informs me he’s guested on Mercy and The Secret Life of The American Teenager. Interesting.

His Det. Louis Fitch is a 10-year veteran of Detroit’s Homicide Division. He’s been paired with newbie Det. Damon Washington and on their first day together they catch a double homicide in a pharmacy. Fitch already wants to ditch Washington but Lt. Mason (Miss Jeanette from True Blood) reminds him that they’re undermanned. Washington hangs in there – after making a fool of himself with a witness – and they get their man. But not before their suspect takes down a cop. Did you see that ending coming? I didn’t.


Some reviewers don’t seem to like that Fitch calls Washington on the phone to talk about what he’s doing wrong. I like it. Sometimes, it’s even funny. And for a guy that no one gets or understands, it just adds to his mystique.

Fitch has a thing for Sanchez. It’s apparent almost immediately from the way he looks at her when she first comes into the station room. But it’s clenched when he brushes some lint out of her hair after saving her from her burning vehicle.

Fitch admits some things to Burke in order to keep him from killing his own children. Fitch has done things to hurt his wife and children and they seem to be out of the picture now.

Did you know?

Section 187 of the California penal code defines the crime of murder. Gangs throughout the country have co-opted 187 as slang for murder.

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