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Moment of Goodness

Archer’s Moment of Goodness: Cyril’s Sexual Addiction Gets Archer Into Trouble 

Photo Credit: FX

I’m surprised a hooker/escort hasn’t come forward earlier claiming to be a baby mama. Archer has so much sex – and I’m sure most if not all of it is unprotected – that he could have quite a few bastards littered around the country, if not the world. Although Malory says she’s not ready to become a grandmother, she is ecstatic when the blood test proves Archer is the father of wee baby Seamus. The only problem is that Archer replaced his blood with Cyril’s. And that’s my moment of goodness from “Blood Test.”

Now I’m not sure why Odin needs a liter of Archer’s blood. Or why they can’t do a DNA swab. Taking so much blood all but insures that Archer will be too incapacitated to try anything tricky with the blood sample. Now, I’ve given some blood and then had a drink or two later. I didn’t give a whole liter and I was on the floor after imbibing. That Archer is still functional just testifies to his tolerance level. I’m kinda jealous.

Because Archer is staunchly unprepared to be a father – at least for now – he makes the blood switch. Too bad Cyril’s sexual addiction led him to have sex with Trinette too. So with no way to prove Archer switched his blood with Cyril’s he’s now legally bound to that baby. Everyone, expect Archer, is pleased. It turns out Malory is ready to be a grandmother and Trinette has it made because of child support. Archer doesn’t seem that unhappy. I wonder if we’ll ever see wee baby Seamus again. Hopefully not. Can you imagine what kind of influence Archer would have on that baby? Yikes

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