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Moment of Goodness

How I Met Your Mother “Big Days” 

Photo: Eric McCandless/FOX

Last season, there were several HIMYM fans who saw a shark in the water. If the sixth season premiere is any indication, it’s safe to swim again. Picking up the Marshall and Lily want to have a baby and Robin is heartbroken threads and weaving them into a standalone of Ted and Barney debating the merits of “dibs,” the series did what it so often hadn’t done last year—it held the 21 minutes. Rachel Bilson (whose unseen roommate last season was suggested might be the Mother) shows up at the bar to meet the girl Ted has been “implied dibsing” all evening, and while he wonders whether she’s the unseen roommate, he finds out she’s absolutely NOT.  The little touches that made the show so lovely to begin with were back—the cutaway snapshot to Bilson’s future as “somebody’s mom,” Robin finding her “lost” hot self, Marshall and Lily being ridiculous for each other but stumbling when other people get involved, Ted being ever hopeful, and Barney still as lecherous as ever. I had a tiny flutter when he prefaced an exchange with Robin with “I love you,” but I don’t think we’re going there again (dammit). My only question as the episode ended was, who was this mystery friend whose wedding Ted and Marshall were standing up in (in a fakeout that we were meant to think was Ted’s wedding)? Step in the right direction, guys. Carry on.

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