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CNN’s American Morning & ESPN’s SportsCenter 

Photo Credit: CNN
Photo Credit: ESPN

I’ve been thinking about doing a moment of goodness for these two shows for a few weeks now and decided maybe it’s more of a TV Quickie. When I’m at the gym at 5 in the morning (yeah, I can be a bit hardcore), I go back and forth between these two channels. I wouldn’t say I’m a news or sports buff but I enjoy the little snippets of each I get each morning (well, 5 mornings a week. It’s important to take time off from the gym). So if I’m not loving something like this morning’s Rush piece on American Morning, I can go over to Sportscenter where they’re showing me highlights from the latest games. And for me, the highlights are the best part. In fact, Top 10 Plays is my favorite. Last Saturday’s Top 10 was the best I’ve ever seen. Watching the highlights from the Alabama vs. Arkansas game was brutal. BRUTAL. But awesome (sorry Crimson Tide, but you got spanked). And if I get tired of sports, I switch back over to “American Morning” (or whatever else might be on CNN afterwards). I definitely feel more informed about what’s going on in the world and I like that I’m learning about something I might not otherwise know about. Hey, I work in Hollywood. I spend most of my time digesting “entertainment” news and that’s a whole lot different then “real” news. I’m just sayin’.

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