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Character Development: House’s Wilson Fetish Will Never Be Over 

Photo Credit: FOX

House is feeling a little guilty because Wilson’s alone. Since House is the one who’s usually (ok, always) alone, he thinks the universe is out of sync. He’s so busy trying to help Wilson move on he can’t see that all his friend really needs is time – and space – to heal. Wilson will move on when he’s ready. House gives him ten days.

I’ve always loved House and Wilson together. As House’s oldest (and really only) friend, Wilson has seen House through a lot. And I guess now that House is happy he wants to be there for his best friend. It’s definitely a first for House, but it’s nice that he’s actually thinking about someone else for a change. It is kind of fun watching House poke and prod Wilson to get back on the market. I don’t think that barista is what he needs, but some female companionship certainly couldn’t hurt. When Wilson’s ready, I hope he finds a lasting and loving relationship for himself. And when that happens, House will find something else in Wilson’s life to fix. They’re kinda soulmates. Women will come and go but they’ll always have each other.

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