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We Need to Know: When Are We Going to See Consequences on Nurse Jackie? 

Photo Credit: Showtime

Like many of you, I’m about ready to start seeing real consequences for Jackie’s actions. Like Kevin said, I do think their behavior is messing their kids up and I have no clue how Jackie keeps getting so many passes. I’m sure in life there are countless instances of people going for years, even decades without ever being detected. But that’s not interesting and for the purposes of this television show, that’s not practical or dramatic. After last season’s failed intervention and Jackie’s repeated near-misses, I’m ready to see her get caught or at least confronted with lasting and meaningful repercussions. Who’s with me?  

I think Edie Falco is amazing and she really sells the heck out of everything the writers make Jackie do. The problem is that even if Jackie started off as a bit of an antihero, there was still something redeeming in her – or at least to me. As I see her not care about anything but getting high it takes a toll. She’s willing to damage her marriage, her kids, and her relationship with her best friend. With every passing week I wonder who would put up with her and how effective she can really be at her job if she’s high all the time or always looking to get high. I do enjoy the antics of her workplace and for a while I was heavily invested in seeing Jackie and Kevin happy – or at least functional. But I’m starting to turn on all of them. Well, maybe not Zoey. I love that chick. But I do need to see some changes in Jackie if I’m going to keep watching this show. I’m willing to stick around for the first episode of the next season and reevaulate from there. I hope things are different because if they aren’t, I’m leaving Nurse Jackie.

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