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Finale Watch: Hellcats “I’m Sick Y’all” 

Photo Credit: Sergei Bachalov/CW

Wow. The Hellcats PTB really thought they were coming back. On the opposite end of the spectrum from One Tree Hill, the Hellcats season (and series) finale planted several seeds for another season.

The season-long goal of getting the squad to nationals finally happened, but they tanked due to a round of strep, kidnapping shenanigans from Kathy, and Savannah’s sister going into labor. The bright spots in there were that we (briefly) got to see Travis again and Marti and Deirdre bonded, but that was short-lived, too. Marti answers Deirdre’s phone (because Deirdre tells her to) and finds Rex (John Pyper-Ferguson!) on the other end. The episode closes with Marti shouting down her sister in the middle of Cheer Town before taking to the street on her bike (yet another show bookending a scene from their season opener).

In addition to that setup, Savannah, realizing her blood family and newly “single moms” sister and mother come first, gives her captain slot to Alice. Red’s ex, Emily, instigates Vanessa’s dismissal by Dean Laverne, ostensibly because Vanessa endangered her kids by allowing them to compete while ill but actually because she’s in cahoots with the Dean about the cheating situation. So we have setups galore there for heading into another season.

I have no clue if the producers will be shopping a new home, or if the budget would even allow it, but the show would fit right in at ABC Family, MTV, BET, and even Teen Nick (I’m pretty sure Degrassi has gone everywhere this show has). It’d be awesome if the cast and crew could come back. Even though the show stopped being appointment TV for me, it was often a blast to watch so many cast members really click.

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