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Virgin River Season 3

Previewing Virgin River Season 3 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Virgin River returns this Friday for its strongest–and most romantic–season yet. As you’ve no doubt surmised from the trailer and the poster, Jack does indeed survive the shooting, and the action picks up a few weeks afterward as he and the town return to normal. He…

Virgin River Season 2

Previewing Virgin River Season 2 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Your Christmas 2019 binge is back for a Thanksgiving 2020 follow-up when the second season of Virgin River drops Friday morning on Netflix. The second set of ten episodes plays more like the post-hiatus back end to a single season, and in that respect, it probably…

Lifetime Movie Preview: Dangerous Intuition [VIDEO] 

Happy Saturday, y’all! Lifetime is unspooling its latest cheesy woman-in-peril-with-a-touch-of-the-supernatural flick tonight. And I say that with genuine affection. I love these movies–and there have been several. Dangerous Intuition follows a jilted wife who has visions that make her fear for her daughter’s safety after her ex-husband remarries.