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Exclusive Clip: Cannes Confidential’s Season One Finale 

Exclusive Clip: Cannes Confidential’s Season One Finale

Camille and Harry’s sparkling banter, shaky trust issues and a shared mission to uncover the secrets that plague their lives continues in the final two episodes of Cannes Confidential

The six-part international romantic crime drama starring Lucie Lucas, Jamie Bamber and Tamara Marthe drops its last two episodes of the first season Monday on Acorn TV. To celebrate, we’ve got an exclusive clip from the finale featuring the detective and the con, plus great photos from “Southern Gothic” and “Love and Let Die.” 



Pascal, the son of the famous conductor Francois Fontaine, is found hanged after a seance. The Fontaine family are supposedly cursed, due to the tragic fate of the victim’s mother Babette who died in a mental asylum. Everybody but Camille that is, she doesn’t believe in ghosts. Camille (Lucie Lucas), Lea (Tamara Marthe), and Harry (Jamie Bamber) join forces to catch the killer, and have to go through shady mediums, news archives and scorned lovers to find the truth. A true southern gothic story, where nothing is what it seems. During all this, Camille and Harry try to lure Boire into a trap, something that will have dire consequences. Especially for Lea. In the end, Camille also realizes why Harry is in Cannes.

Photos [Courtesy of AMC Networks/Acorn TV]



During the Cannes film festival, Camille and Lea are assigned a murder case of famous actress Celeste Badeau’s assistant Zina. Was the movie star the intended target? The prime suspect is the notorious paparazzi Miko Zajac blackmailing Celeste, but why? During the investigation Lea meets Zina’s girlfriend and Lea’s former lover Eloise, and Camille sees that it affects her. Meanwhile Harry’s daughter Emily has been threatened by Boire, and he decides to stop the thug once and for all. Harry breaks into Boire’s office and finds alarming evidence that will shock Camille. Her father Philippe is about to be released, and Harry has to walk a fine line trying to protect Camille from ending up in the line of fire.

Exclusive Clip

“Please don’t do anything stupid.” That’s what Camille tells Harry in this Cannes Confidential exclusive clip from the finale. She hasn’t known the conman that long, but she does know that he’s unpredictable, charming and is prone to doing his own thing. So there’s a good bet he’s thinking about doing something kinda stupid.

Photos [Courtesy of AMC Networks/Acorn TV]

Will Camille be reunited with her father? What’s up with Harry’s daughter? Will Camille connect on a romantic level with Lea or Harry? Will the show return for a second season? We can only hope. We can also hope to make it to the South of France in the near future so we can experience the gorgeous Cote d’Azur for ourselves. This show makes that part of the planet look spectacular.

Stream the entire first season of Cannes Confidential on Acorn TV.

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