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Hiatus Helper: Killjoys Season 5 Fantasy Casting 

Hiatus Helper: Killjoys Season 5 Fantasy Casting
Photo Credit: Space Channel
Photo Credit: Space Channel

Killjoys wrapped production on Season 4 yesterday and will take a short hiatus before returning to shoot Season 5 this summer. To kill time before Season 4 arrives at 10 pm/9c on Friday, July 20th, I started thinking about who I’d love to see come play at some point in the final 10 episodes.

If y’all have read me for a while (thank you!), y’all know that I tend to find and stay with my shows based on their casting, crew or filming location, which is far from an exact science, but it works for me. One of the great many joys I derive from Killjoys is its fantastic casting, and it was actually one of the cast who put the show on my radar back in July of 2014.

Photo Credit: Space Channel

When I interviewed Luke Macfarlane for the first time, for the Hallmark film The Memory Book, he was driving from LA to Toronto to start work on this new Syfy show I’d never heard of called Killjoys. It took a year, but it finally rolled around in the Summer of 2015 and I adored it immediately. And then hated it when it broke my heart, and then loved it again. You get the idea.

This past March, I had the very good fortune to visit the set for the second time–those interviews will come this Summer–and what struck me this time is that this is a series with good bones. Good people everywhere you turn, and a happy, chill vibe throughout.

Photo Credit: Ian Watson/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy

As I sat in the quiet on one of the sets, it felt like such a good place to be. With that lovely day still fresh of mind, I started to think of who I wanted to see in my wish list of casting for Season 5–folks who I have enjoyed over the years who I think would have a ball with our Killjoys crew.

Season 3 was the gift that kept on giving with fun one-off and recurring guest shots from familiar faces who were often playing roles you wouldn’t have immediately thought of. That’s another one of Killjoys talents–throwing the curves.

So, here, in no certain order, and with zero insider information on whether we may have already had some of these lovelies in Season 4, are some of the familiar faces I’d love to see drop by the Quad in the final season, even though we’ll have to wait a year for those episodes

Photo Credit: Chiller

Slasher peeps (SPOILERS AHEAD)

In the spirit of cross-pollination that happens across genre shows filmed in Canada, Killjoys has already pulled from/shared with the fantastic Slasher Season 1 cast–Mayko Nguyen (Delle Sayah), Rob Stewart (Khlyen), and Patrick Garrow (Turin) to name a few. Why stop there?

When I visited the Killjoys set in 2016 and we chatted with Stewart, I threw out that Khlyen needed his own love interest so he’d stay out of his daughter’s (which was just Dutch at the time) love life. I specified that they should get Wendy Crewson (who we’ll see on ION’s CTV import The Detail this year) and Stewart agreed that she’d be great.

I repeated that to Crewson when I interviewed her later that Spring and she was equally enthusiastic. I thought that ship had sailed when Khylen died, but then we had flashbacks and the green in Season 3, so I’ll  be over here tapping my fingers waiting on that to happen because she’s so damn good and I can totally see them just slyly devouring each other with their performances.

Photo Credit: Chiller

One of the many fabulous things about Slasher Season 1 is that the psychopathic serial killer was revealed to literally be the boy next door, golden boy police officer Cam, played by Steve Byers. We’ve talked about him previously here, and he’s currently recurring on Freeform’s Shadowhunters.

Byers isn’t particularly known for dark or villain roles, but I’m planting the flag now that he should be, because DAMN, when that switch flipped on Cam’s reveal, I was inclined to back way the hell up from my TV.  He created a character we hoped we could trust and then suddenly had every reason to fear. I’d love Killjoys to tap into that duplicity he does so well. Plus it would be a fun wink nod to have him reunite with Nguyen, Stewart or Garrow given that his character killed ALL of theirs.

Photo Credit: Dan Power/Nomadic Pictures Corp./Syfy

Sharon Taylor

2017 gave us two really stellar performances from Taylor. In Bellevue, she was Virginia, the police detective driving the central murder investigation while the rest of her department dealt with the multi-generational fallout of their personal lives.

In Ghost Wars, she was Sophia, the town mortician who suddenly had no shortage of work thanks to a newly released influx of ghosts, but who also got caught in that uprising and paid a very dear price for it. Similar to how Tara Spencer-Nairn came in and threw DOWN last summer, I’d love to see Taylor break our hearts and maybe have a go at one of Killjoys‘ killer choreographed fight scenes.

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Eugene Lipinski

Lipinksi is known among genre fans for his work on Fringe and Arrow, and he’s mastered the art of being slightly menacing for reasons you can’t quite put your finger on. I could totally see him playing someone pulling strings and keeping select pieces of intel to himself with the ever-so-slight underlying threat that he’s not a man to be trifled with. Sidebar: I’ve interviewed him in person and he’s completely lovely, which makes the way he crafts his onscreen “aw, shucks, but I could still kill you,” persona even more delightful.

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

The Expanse peeps

The Expanse just borrowed Kelly McCormack and Augustus Prew, so it only seems fair to Red Rover that business and borrow a couple of theirs, right? Shawn Doyle (last on Bellevue) and Peter Outerbridge (this year on Hulu/WGN America’s Pure) are two of my long, long, longtime favorite Canadians, and they can go either way on the slipper slope of heroes or villains, so I can genuinely say I’d enjoy them either way, or both ways, given the Killjoys magic that the writers regularly pull off.

Photo Credit: Dan Power/Nomadic Pictures Corp./Syfy

Kandyse McClure

McClure is another longtime favorite around here and I’d love to see her pop up as someone with a lineage to Dutch and Aneela, because she and Hannah John-Kamen could absolutely be sisters. She was fantastic in the just-cancelled Ghost Wars as the morally conflicted Landis, who sort of set the whole war into motion. And, of course, she’s a BSG alum, which is sci-fi space cred right there.

Photo Credit: Netflix

Altered Carbon peeps

I haven’t forgotten that I owe y’all a Top Moments from Netflix’s mind-bending series–I’ll get to that as summer binge season takes off. That housekeeping out of the way, I’d love to see two of that series’ standouts visit the Quad. Chris Conner, who played sentient AI Poe, and Waleed Zuaiter, who played Abboud, were just ridiculously good and I want to see more of them ASAP.

Photo Credit: Netflix

Both were new to me, and just completely decimated me with their performances. Conner was excellent with Poe’s deadpan practicality and heartbreaking empathy and Zuaiter was terrifically layered as Ortega’s partner who had multiple reasons to want to protect her. They’d be so good with this already amazing cast, in any capacity.

Who would y’all like to see? Hit me up in the comments. You can watch the first three seasons of Killjoys now on Syfy’s website, and Season 3 just joined the first two seasons on DVD and Blu-ray last month.

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