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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Dutch Comes Clean About Khlyen in Killjoys “One Blood” 

Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Temple Street Releasing Limited/Syfy
Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Temple Street Releasing Limited/Syfy

So, until tonight, I wasn’t entirely sure that Khlyen wasn’t a figment of Dutch’s imagination, or some sort of lingering memory transference similar to what D’Avin’s been experiencing. But we found out he’s very real when he implants a holographic tracker in Dutch’s neck so he can virtually tag along on her assignment.

That goes as well as you’d expect, and it makes her lie to, and ditch, the boys when they’re assigned a black warrant. By the end of the hour, Dutch’s mentor, the focus of the black warrant, has been killed.

Khlyen finds, demanding a debrief and it’s apparent he really, really wants the scary bioweapon that can wipe out an entire blood line. He makes his point by roughing her up, and adds the threat that he’s in the Quad for her, and he’s not leaving without her. She stabs him repeatedly but he doesn’t go down, so he’s definitely other in some way.

Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Temple Street Releasing Limited/Syfy
Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie/Temple Street Releasing Limited/Syfy

Back on the ship, the boys are playing rock, paper, scissors (not really) for who gets to be the “designated asshole,” and John wins. He’s ready to confront her about breaking their “no more secrets, no more disappearing” agreement until he sees how rattled she is, because Kyhlen really is the only one who can emotionally decimate her. She tells John that Khylen found her, and his whole demeanor changes. “We can leave. We can go off the grid. Anywhere you want.”

She finally puts an identity to him when D’Avin asks who that is–telling him he was her tutor in the harem where she was raised, but now she’s not sure what she was being trained for. He asks her what she needs. She says for it to stop, but she worries it’ll make them both even bigger targets. “I still owe you two lives, remember?” is his reply. She says something isn’t right because Khlyen has never hurt her, and she takes that to mean that the bomb scares him.

She asks John to track him from the device taken out of her neck.

“I’m tired of playing defense. We’ve belled the beast and now we’re going after him.”

“What do we do when we find him?”

“I’m going to kill him. Somehow.”

I like that we’re halfway through the first season and we’re already clearing the air. Next week looks like maybe the relationship changes between D’Avin and Dutch, and I kind of hope that’s a big promo fakeout because it is too soon for that. Unless it’s just a friends with benefits thing that John won’t be apoplectic about. That I can abide.

I like, too, that Rob Stewart can be a scary mofo when he wants to be. We know that from Nikita, of course, but Stewart goes way back for me, to the series version of Painkiller Jane, which is RIDCULOUSLY cheap on DVD and chock full of HITGs because it filmed in Vancouver. I highly recommend if you have never seen it.

And of course I have to give a nod to my Ian Tracey–we got to see him be scary and then soft-spoken and then grief-stricken. As always, I adore him. And his character is still alive, so maybe we’ll get him again.

Fun tidbit–he and Stewart did a series together over 20 years ago called Sweating Bullets, so it was disappointing that their characters didn’t have any true scenes together tonight (a one-sided hologram doesn’t count).

Killjoys airs Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy. “One Blood” repeats tonight at 12 am/11c and will be online at starting tomorrow.

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