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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Fitz Leaked Olivia Pope’s Name, Scandal “It’s Handled” 

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Okay. The first episode of Scandal season three didn’t disappoint. In fact, it lived up to expectations. No, it more than lived up to expectations.

Some very quick thoughts:

-How do you not have a heart attack watching this show? Everyone is working at a level I’m not even familiar with. And I love every bit of it.

-Cyrus/Mellie conspiring behind the scenes with the Gladiators? Genius.

-I can’t even say how seriously amazing the scenes that featured Olivia and her dad were — some of the most intense of the hour.

There was so much anger and painful history between them. It’s official: Joe Morton can Scandal monologue with the best of them. His ScRants (Scandal rants) were epic. I felt bad for Olivia. What did he teach her? That she had to be twice as good as everyone else…to get half of what they did. Oh and he has no qualms telling her how mediocre she is. Damn.

-And whoa — the history we found out about Olivia. It’s probably the most we’ve found out about her this entire series. And it’s all thanks to Cyrus having his minion compile a kill folder. More on that in another article.

-I love those Secret Service guys. They rock. I like how they played into the action of this episode.

-Poor Jeannine. That girl has been railroaded. I can’t even believe. So much destruction.

-Did Rowan’s rants remind you a little bit of Jack Nicholson’s infamous ‘you can’t handle the truth’ court rant in A Few Good Men?

-The “fire alarm” scenes were filled with massive amounts of tension. Keep those kinds of scenes coming, please.

-And what the hell was in that Remington file? And what do Jake and Fitz have to do with it? Is this something that’s going to paint Fitz in an even worse light?

A few good quotes:

Rowan: “Do you have to be so mediocre?” (Ouch. Just ouch.)

David to Abby: “Hey return your calls.” (David’s been calling Abby? Why isn’t she returning his calls? Why is he calling her? He wants to get back together?)

Rowan: “The White House will destroy you.” Olivia: “That’s what mom used to tell me about you.” (Another ouch.)

David Rosen: “I’d hate to be in your shoes.” (Joshua Malina just knows how to deliver dialogue. Love him.)

Harrison: “Are we gladiators? Or are we bitches? I need to hear it.” Abby/Quinn/Huck: “Gladiators.”
Harrison: “Damn, right.” (Gladiator talk — one of the classic Scandal moments)

Olivia Pope to her associates: “What did you do?” (So weird to hear her talk to her peeps like that)

Moment of Goodness: Mellie figures out Fitz leaked Olivia’s name to the press

The Moment of Goodness for me had to be when we found out who leaked Olivia Pope’s name to the press. I don’t know why this show keeps fooling me. I can’t even believe I didn’t even contemplate Fitz being the one to leak the name for even a second. See? That’s why I love this show. Its unpredictability.

Fitz and Mellie scenes are always pure intensity and bitterness and rivalry and awesomeness. I love it when their claws come out and they hold nothing back. Fitz mistakenly thought that framing Jeannine was Cyrus’ plan. He was wrong. So very wrong.

Mellie: “No, see, leaking Jeannine’s name was my plan. It was this crazy idea I got from you.”

Fitz: “From me? What?”

Mellie: “After you leaked Olivia’s name. The upsetting thing about being as educated as I am and as intelligent as I am, is that being First Lady is profoundly boring. What did you call me? Ornamental? Not functional? I am a rose dying on the vine here. Give me a war to run or the CIA or something but…I use the copious amounts of free time I have to think. And I have been thinking. Who could have possibly leaked that name and why? And then I realized. Who would benefit the most? My idealistic, romantic, optimistic, idiotic husband.”

“You thought if you leaked Olivia’s name and then I stood next to you and held your hand and smiled while you told the press everything you did that it would neutralize the situation. What did you say in the bunker? Stop looking for a way out and look for a way through? Get me to play the good wife. Control me and by extension, the nation, because — and here’s the best part — you still somehow believe the country will embrace you bringing your whore into the White House as First Lady. And step one — leaking Liv’s name.

Fitz: “Step one…was me coming to Blair House and laying my head in your lap like I gave a damn about your forgiveness. This is a war, Mellie. You and I are at war. What happened to day is just one battle of many. And let’s be clear. The reason I leaked Liv’s name is because as long as you had her name in your arsenal of weapons, Olivia was at your mercy. Now she’s free.”

Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. How great are Tony Goldwyn and Bellamy Young? And then at the end of the episode, we see that Jeannine is Pope & Associates’ newest client. That should get interesting. Everything on this show is such tangled, twisted goodness. One episode back and that addictive feeling has already taken over. I’m already jonesing for the Oct. 10th Scandal. Aren’t you?

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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