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Moment of Goodness

The 5 Best Moments of Suits Season 1 

Photo credit: USA Network

Suits is back on USA this Thursday night! As you know, around here, we’re very, very fond of our tailored guys and gals. To get you ready, let’s take a quick stroll through the memorable moments of goodness from season one that made Suits must-see TV.

In no particular order, here are our top 5.

Harvey Picks up the Tab for Mike’s Dinner, “Inside Track”

It was a telling insight into the relationship between the boys that while Mike sweated pulling together his Rookie Dinner and was absolutely miserable and in dread of the check coming at the end of the night, and Harvey seemed indifferent to it all, when Mike went to pay the bill, Harvey had already done it. He always has Mike’s back, but it’s never done lightly and without Mike learning to gut it out on his own first.

Photo credit: USA Network

Harvey and Dana’s Secret Arrangement, “Play the Man”

We had hints that Harvey was a bit of a ladies man but no inkling to the heart beating beneath the suit until Dana arrived to take him to task as opposing counsel and to bed as a secret paramour–a game they’d been playing for years. When Dana confesses it is her last hurrah because she was getting married, and Harvey learned she played the case, too, it’s an emotional wake up call.

Photo credit: USA Network

Donna Goes to Jessica When Harvey Won’t, “Rules of the Game”

Donna and Harvey have a shorthand about things unspoken but understood. When it’s apparent that Harvey is sitting on information because he doesn’t want to indict his former mentor, Donna steps up and goes around him. She’s defiant, yet terrified, when she brings the incriminating files to Jessica, who she knows will go where Harvey can’t on the matter. Then she holds her breath for the other shoe when Harvey finds out what she did.

Harvey and Donna Make Up, “Dog Fight”

This scene was pitch-perfect because Donna thought she might actually be fired even though we knew there was no way in hell Harvey could function without her. That their mutual sort-of apology ended with the debut of the mysterious can-opening tradition was even better.

Photo credit: USA Network

Any Time Harvey Bests Louis

There were a lot of these, but I loved that show could be counted on to put the smack down on Louis when it was called for. Loved it even more that Mike could get spun up by Louis and Harvey would deftly saunter in and wipe the floor with him. Such a fun dynamic to know that Louis can be a jackass all he wants, but Harvey will always prevail.

Suits returns to USA for its second season this Thursday at 10 pm ET/9 c.

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