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Teen Wolf “Dreamcatchers” 

Who are these Doctors and what do they want?

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

In “Creatures of the Night” they were responsible for giving that lone wolf enough power to, in theory, strip Scott of his alpha powers. Usually only a beta in the pack would be able to become the alpha, once he kills his alpha, but Scott’s different. As a true alpha, his powers can’t be transferred. But the talons The Doctors give this wolf were draining Scott of his powers, until Scott put an end to it. And when this lone wolf went back to The Doctors for more power, they killed him. He didn’t deliver on his promise to “remove the obstacles,” and as they’ve proven twice now, they don’t give second chances.

In “Parasomnia,” we learn that Tracy thinks she’s having night terrors, but is actually being injected by The Doctors. I’m going to assume that since they were able to give that lone wolf those talons, the cocktail they give Tracy is what turns her into a Kanima.

But before we talk about that and how Donovan has been turned into something as well, let’s ponder on what The Doctors want and how they might be turning normal people into supernatural creatures. As far as we know, Tracy was a normal kid who was having night terrors. She didn’t start changing into a Kanima until The Doctors came into the picture. How were they able to summon her to them? Through her nightmares? And because she’s able to cross the mountain ash, she isn’t a regular supernatural. Maybe the ash only affects supernaturals who are “bitten” and born, not made?

In any case, while the lone wolf seemed to volunteer for the job, Tracy and Donovan were recruited against their wills. Deaton suspects that someone is trying to “change the game,” but with what purpose? Do they want to get rid of all the supernaturals in Beacon Hills they can’t control? And what kind of experiments have they been doing that result in them creating new supernaturals, if that’s what they’re doing? And why was it important for Tracy to kill everyone who tried to help her? Were these people interfering with The Doctors’ creations? If so, that makes more sense as to why these people had to die.

Let’s shift our focus over to Scott and his pack. We’ve got Mason, who may or may not have been admitted into the inner circle. We’ve got Theo, who isn’t telling us the whole story, but who is extremely skilled about being in the right place at the right time. We know the man posing as Theo’s father, isn’t really his dad. We know Theo claims to be a lone wolf and really wants to be a part of Scott’s pack. We know we can turn into a full wolf. Does that mean he’s an alpha? Both Talia and Derek could turn full wolf and they were alphas. If he is an alpha, why can’t Scott sense that?

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

Stiles is extremely wary of Theo, as he should be, and it’s making him a bit violent. I understand that he’s freaking out about the possibility of his pack going their separate ways after graduation. I get that with everything they’ve been through and people they’ve lost, how it might be hard to let another person in. But if Scott and the rest of the pack want to give Theo a chance, I think Stiles needs to let them. He shouldn’t stop being his normal paranoid, anxiety-ridden self. That tends to help him get to the bottom of things and Theo is definitely a mystery that needs to be solved.

While Liam and Mason try to find out which pack Tracy is part of, Deaton examines her. During this examination Deaton can’t determine what the silvery substance on her lips is, but they realize — a little too late — that Tracy’s a Kanima. Malia wants to kill her, which surprises no one, and Stiles tells them he’s going to have to inform his father. The problem? Tracy is able to paralyze them all and escape even though the mountain ash should’ve made it impossible for her to leave. So, she’s not a typical supernatural, which we already know because of The Doctors. And there’s nothing the pack can do to save her because whatever purpose she was made for — killing the pack? something else? — she’s failed.

But we did find out that both Tracy and most likely Donovan, had to dig their way out of a grave. So after The Doctor inject them with that silvery substance, they take them to the woods and bury them so they can be reborn? These Doctors are freaky, but I guess they’re onto something.

We’ll have to wait and see what Donovan is. I hope it isn’t a wolf or a Kanima. I want to see what else these Doctors are capable of making. And why did they let Malia live? Is she not part of the obstacle? She’s a supernatural, who hasn’t been made by them, so what gives? And what’s going on with Hailey? Tracy made her bleed, but when she washed her wound there was nothing there. Is Hailey some kind of supernatural or did that silvery stuff transfer from Tracy to Hailey and allow her to heal?

Also, how cool was it to see Kira on fire like that? We know she doesn’t know the full extent of her Kitsune powers but it looks like when one of her friends is in grave danger, she’s able to take her powers to the next level. Although it looks like Lydia is seriously injured, we know in “the present” that her wound has healed almost entirely. It’ll be interesting to see how these events land her in Eichen House.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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