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Rectify “Act As If” 

Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/Sundance TV

Leon Rippy’s Lezlie is a bit “wild, weird and wonderful,” and I’m so glad Daniel meets him. Daniel has a social life, at least in theory, but he’s surprised to be invited to Lezlie’s house party. They just met. But as Lezlie sees it, Daniel is the loneliest person he’s ever seen. Maybe Daniel will still be lonely at the party, but at least he won’t be alone.

Just after Daniel arrives, one of the other guests makes him uncomfortable enough that Daniel starts looking for the exit. Lezlie manages to intercept him before he can leave. He wants Daniel to “act as if” he belongs in this world with other people for one hour and he wants Daniel to be tethered to him. Daniel can’t agree to that – for obvious reasons – but he’ll honor an implied radius and make an effort. It doesn’t go very well because Lezlie discovers Daniel sitting by himself later. He does manage to loosen Daniel up enough for him to make out with one of the women at the party, try cocaine and to do some skeet shooting with pretentious music CDs as the targets. I love that someone got Daniel so far out of his comfort zone. We’ll see if it has any lasting effects.

Tawney Might Be Pregnant
I’m actually really glad things are better between these two. I don’t really get them as a couple and I probably never will, but what is clear is that they love each other. So I’m glad Teddy finally realizes how his misplaced anger was affecting Tawney. And as much as I don’t think Teddy gets Tawney, she understands him very well. She tells Teddy he needs to control his temper because the next time he gets angry, his anger might consume them. Later Tawney surprises Teddy by admitting that she’d like to go to school and get a degree. She surprises him again when she tells him her period is late. She’s been late before, but she says it feels different this time.

Janet Lays Down the Law
I can understand why Ted Sr. is upset, but it was really more of a miscommunication than anything. Janet didn’t get a chance to tell Daniel that Ted Sr. wanted to put the kitchen reno on hold, right? I actually like that Ted thinks Daniel should be held accountable for his actions; he’s an adult. But Janet feels like Daniel has shouldered more than his fair share of responsibility. She won’t allow her husband to talk to her child that way in her house. Ted reminds her that he lives there too. Janet tells him Daniel lived there first.

Daniel Might Be Offered a Plea Bargain
I loved Sharon Conley’s Sondra Person when we met her last season. Her no-nonsense district attorney is not intimidated by Senator Roland Foulkes, who thinks her decision to offer Daniel a plea bargain could be a career ender. But Sondra doesn’t have many other options because their case is weak. She doesn’t think she’ll be able to find a jury who would put Daniel back in jail. There is no physical evidence to connect Daniel to the victim. She thinks his lawyer will probably get Daniel’s confession thrown out because it was forced. And one of her two eye-witnesses is missing. Of course she wants a conviction, but she’s got to be realistic.

Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/Sundance TV

Jon Might Take a Job in Boston
I’ve said it before (and probably too many times), but Amantha needs to live her own life. She’s now a cashier at the Thrifty Mart because she needs money and wants to stay close to Daniel. I can respect that, but she definitely needs a change of pace. So when Jon tells her about a job in Boston and asks how she might feel about living there, I got excited. I really like these two together and if Amantha can find a way to leave Daniel behind (just physically; I know she can still be there for him emotionally no matter her geographic location), these two might have a real shot.

Favorite lines:

Janet: “I don’t think we need to tell sad stories. Life’s too short.”
Daniel: “That’s exactly why we have to tell them.

Rectify airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Sundance TV.

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