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Grimm Season 2 Finale “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm” 

Photo Credit: Scott Green/NBC

Poor Nick. I had a feeling he’d be the one in the most danger at the end of the Grimm season two finale. And he was.

But before we get to the cliff-hanger, let’s talk about the entire episode, the highly entertaining “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm.” I felt like the hour zoomed by as Nick and the cops had to deal with the victims of Baron Samedi aka the “Cracher-Mortel.”

Not as much happened with Adalind as I had hoped. But at least we know that plans are in motion to help pave the way for her to get her hexenbiest powers back. And I’m glad that Frau Pech has been dealt with. In season three, I hope this baby story moves a little more quickly. I”m loving Claire Coffee as Adalind so I definitely want to see more of her. You can tell she’s just relishing playing such a villainous character.

James Frain is so incredibly creepy as Renard’s royal (but not loyal) half-brother. Every word Eric Renard utters drips with sarcasm and betrayal. It’s pretty awesome. How many times did he call Sean “brother or bro” in this episode? Not a single time did it seem sincere. And setting up his henchman to be another one of Baron Samedi’s victims was so damn cold. And awesome. Grimm has conjured up some really fun villains.

One of my favorite scenes was the “dinner date” between Sean and Eric. I love how neither of them trusts the other for a split second. Our Renard wouldn’t even take a sip of the wine or eat any of the squab that was served. I don’t blame him one bit.

Couple Talk: Monroe and Rosalee were adorably awkward as they had dinner. I hope they have more togetherness time before anything comes along to split them up. Nick and Juliette were also suitably awkward as they had to navigate this new world where Juliette knows about Nick’s grimm-ness and he can come home from work and actually tell her the truth. It was pretty cute. Juliette asked Nick to move back in, which means that’s not going to happen anytime soon. As we know from how things ended. I’m so OK with that.

Hank was a non-factor, unfortunately. I’m guessing it’s because of Russell Hornsby’s achilles tendon injury that went down in real life (and had to be written into the show — hence the crutches). Hank said he had to go get the cast off and then we didn’t see him again. When Grimm returns for season three, Hank (and Russell) should be nicely healed and ready to be part of the action again. I’m looking forward to that.

Now onto Nick. It was very fortuitous of him to ask Rosalee to hide the key. Because he became a victim of the Cracher-Mortel. Baron Samedi did his job and used that deadly cracher of his (which in Creole, means “spit”). Nick is wrapped up all neat and tidy for Eric — he’s got some forged papers and they seem to be packing him up and sending him who knows where. Quelle cliff-hanger!

Random Thoughts Ramble: I love how Rosalee has become the expert with all things Wesen. She’s a trusty weapon for Nick and Monroe to have on their side. Have you ever gotten the sense that Wu knows exactly what’s going on? Maybe not with Nick but with Wesens and all that jazz? I just think the matter-of-fact way he deals with the crazy cases he sees on a daily basis is hilarious. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s putting two and two together. At some point he has to wonder what’s going on in Portland. Baron-Samedi’s evil laugh was appropriately creepy and campy and so great and was a nice touch as Nick chased him down but couldn’t quite catch up to him.  I liked that Juliette made sure she included herself in on tracking down the Baron’s walking dead. This summer is going to be a bit painful because I can’t wait to find out about Nick’s fate.

Photo Credit: Scott Green/NBC

And finally, I just want to give major kudos to David Giuntoli. I think he’s done a fantastic job tackling everything that Nick’s been through this season. I’m totally impressed and I’m excited to see what he’s going to do when Grimm returns this fall when it’s back on Friday nights on NBC. Until then, “Goodnight, Sweet Grimm.”

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  1. Heather M

    This one isn’t in my rotation but I stayed on it last night when I came across James Frain. Might be a summer catch up. Loved the end title card about “Come on!”

    1. Tina Charles

      I may have the entire first season of Grimm. I can’t remember if I lent it to anyone. Let me know if you want. I loved the way they ended that too.

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