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Moment of Goodness

A Leverage Moment of Goodness: Alan Scott’s Video Goodbye to his Wife 

Photo Credit: TNT

There was so much to love about the Leverage Season 4 premiere; narrowing things down to one superior highlight was almost impossible. There was Parker getting emotional when she was trapped with Eliot; that adorably awesome Parker/Hardison hug near the end of the hour; and Sophie and Nate discussing their memorable night. Was it a good thing they decided to keep things on the down low? How long is their tryst going to stay quiet? And why can’t Nate remember Sophie’s real name? We also found out there’s someone after the team, setting up a big story arc for this season. “The Long Way Down Job” was a fun, emotional hour of television, that produced many Moments of Goodness. But one stood out above all the others: Alan Scott’s video goodbye to his wife.

I love it when guest stars get great material. I knew when I saw Eric Stoltz show up on my screen we were going to be in for something great. Then it turned out his character was dead almost the entire episode; I couldn’t believe it. But I should have had faith. Parker and Eliot found a way to get the businessman’s last words down the mountain for everyone, including his wife, to see. In a video he had taped with his smart phone, he revealed that his “friend” had cut the rope which led to his fall, and ultimately, his death. And after the culprits were arrested and taken away, that’s when things got even more heartbreaking. On the flat screen TVs flanking the room, Scott spoke to his wife:

“I guess it all comes down to this. I love you. I just…I just love the hell out of you and I always have. Don’t come up here looking for me…because I’m not up here. I’m right there next to you, wherever you are. OK? I love you, pumpkin.”

When he broke down in tears, believe it or not, so did I. And that’s the last thing I ever thought would happen while watching a Leverage episode. It was a must-see moment thanks to Stoltz’s wonderful performance. So even though we only saw the seasoned actor for a couple of scenes, he made his mark big time. Glad to see the Caprica alum shine once again.

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