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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Danny’s Got Jackie’s Back on Blue Bloods “Lonely Hearts Club” 

Photo Credit: CBS

During the first handful of episodes of season one, Danny went through three partners. It was like a revolving door of people and I was a bit concerned. When a cop has that many partners in such a short period of time it can mean a number of (bad) things. Danny’s a dedicated cop who spends way too much time on the job and/or thinking about the job so I knew his previous partners didn’t transfer out because of that. And as far as we knew at that point, none of his other partners had been killed. So when Jennifer Esposito‘s Jackie Curatola was introduced I was excited. At the time Danny still had another female partner for a few episodes (which probably means those episodes aired out of order), but I liked where things were going. Up until “Lonely Hearts Club,” we had no background information on Jackie though. We just knew she and Danny worked really well together and that they always had each others backs. So when Danny finally admits how worried he is about this undercover operation and basically calls her part of his family, I knew that moment would be my moment of goodness.

Photo Credit: CBS

What do we even know about Jackie Curtola anyway? We learned that she ran away from home when she was 17 and when she tried to go back her mother had changed the locks on her. We know she was a high-school drop out and screw-up who managed to turn her life around enough to become a cop, and a good one at that. We know Jackie is kind of like another little sister to Danny – or at least we learned that tonight. The reason Danny put up such a fight when Jackie volunteered to go undercover is because he’s worried about her. He’s already worried about Jamie’s undercover sting and now he’s got to worry about his partner. He was already having trouble sleeping at night and now he’s got something else to worry about. What I’ve loved about their relationship – tonight and in every other episode – is their ease with each other. This is a partnership that works because they respect each other and depend on each other. So when Danny admits just how worried he is, it made me like him that much more. He knows Jackie can take care of herself but he feels like it’s his job to worry about her anyway and I like that.

My bonus moment of goodness happens just a little bit later. Everyone has headed home for the night when Jackie’s “date” finally shows up. She’s drugged and disoriented, but she manages to hold the mother/son team off until the calvary arrives. I was genuinely worried for a minute and hoped Danny would make it back to her room before things got really ugly. So when Danny came busting through that door I loved it. Now that’s having someone’s back.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10/9c.

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