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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Lines from NCIS “Tell-All” 

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/CBS

Episode: “Tell-All” 

Writer: Andrew Bartels

  • “Guy’s got worse wedding juju than Billy Bob Thornton and Larry King combined.”
  • “Cellular Communication, text messaging, squeaking…” “Tweeting, doctor.” “Huh?” “The yellow canary and the puddy tat. I loved that cartoon when I was a kid.” “These distractions feed the ever-growing beast known as instant gratification!”
  • “I don’t know if a head-slap coming down the aisle is the ideal Kodak moment.”
  • “Who is this? Another agent?” “Another Special Agent.”
  • “You know, Jethro. If it weren’t for Diane, we wouldn’t have the kind of relationship that…we have.” “Tobias, you’ve always been a glass half-full kind-of-guy.” “Never have to pay alimony, again.”
  • “But.” “But? I hate that ‘but.’”
  • “Oh come on, Jethro. Before it got bad there must have been some good times.” “She caught her finger in a car door once.”
  • “Did you write a book, Operation Birdsong?” “Maybe.” “Certainly picked the right publisher. She sang like a canary.”
  • “Did she just sigh at Gibbs?” “Yes, she did.”
  • “Miss Poison Ivy League — whoa — it’s like Elizabeth Salander meets a scary Katy Perry.”
  • “First one in, last one out.” “Ooh-rah.”
  • “That’s me. I’m in distress. Or maybe I’m just hungry. I don’t know, it’s hard to tell.”
  • “You wanna tip? Got a problem with your wife? Get a divorce!”
  • “You’re not going.” “I was never going.”
  • “You know who the new guy is? Homeland Security. (laughs) She’ll never learn.”

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