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Finding Carter “Love the Way You Lie” 

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

I’m trying to play the devil’s advocate and think of a situation or circumstance in which Lori is justified in any of her behavior. Spoiler alert: I can’t. There are still things we don’t know – and I expect another secret or two to be revealed in an explosive way at some point this season. But back to Lori. As the biological mother of both Carter and Taylor, she thinks she has rights – not legally, but as a human being. She claims she could’ve taken Taylor as well when she abducted Carter all those years ago. But as a mother who had lost a child, she couldn’t be that cruel.

Ok, let’s talk through this flawed reasoning. Elizabeth and David tried to get pregnant for three years with no luck. So they looked for an anonymous egg donor. They never had any intention of finding out the identity of said donor and when Lori tried to contact them after the girls were born, they felt no obligation to speak to her. So far, so good; this seems like a pretty standard agreement to me. But when Lori wasn’t allowed any contact with either of her daughters, she decided it was her right as their mother to take one of them. And now Lori feels like Taylor belongs with her and Carter as well. And she’s willing to pull a gun on anyone who doesn’t agree with her logic? Nope, I still think she’s in the wrong and belongs in jail. And I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Lori yet.

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

As far as bombshells go, this is huge. I don’t know what I was expecting, but this was not it. And we also learn that Elizabeth was planning to take this secret to her grave. She and David had plenty of opportunities to tell Taylor “the truth,” but I get why they hesitated. I get why they felt like they couldn’t share that information. And Taylor clearly isn’t taking it well. I’m not sure I’d want to share DNA with a woman who has acted the way Lori has. I know Lori thinks she has good reason for her actions. I know she feels like David played some part in all this. Will it be revealed that David was the person Lori was on the phone with while Carter was coming to in that hotel room? If not David, who was Lori talking to? Where was she planning to go and how was she planning to live after she took Taylor as well?

One thing that’s clear is that we’re not done with the secrets yet. David’s still hiding something, but is it more than an affair with Lori (if that’s that happened)? Could it be something worse? And what about Max? I’m glad he realized the mistake he made in breaking up with Taylor so quickly, but he’s still in a bad place. It seems like his rehab is going to take a while and it’s definitely affecting his mental health. And then we’ve got Taylor who is understandably upset. She doesn’t want to talk about it at all, which isn’t even remotely healthy. Grant was worried that Lori would take every single member of his family away from him, so he’s got to be breathing easier. And although Carter’s scared to sleep alone, I feel like she’s currently in a good place.

So, we got some great set up for the rest of the season. If you watched the season 2 tease, you know Crash resurfaces at some point. I, for one, will not be happy to see him. And how did he get out of juvie or jail so fast? It can’t be for good behavior; we know he’s got a serious temper. I am looking forward to spending a little more time with Bird, Gabe and Ofe. These kids need to spend a little time being teenagers and worry about normal teenage things.

David needs to come clean as soon as possible about whatever secret or secrets he’s still keeping. Whenever and however David’s secret surfaces, it’s not going to go over well. Carter (and everyone else) will feel betrayed and if he’s still trying to hide it, it must be pretty bad. This family has a lot of healing to do, so I hope they get a chance to get started on that before it all falls apart again.

Finding Carter airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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