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Thoughts (and a lot of Questions) on Teen Wolf “A Promise to the Dead” 

Photo Credit: Jaimie Trueblood/MTV
Photo Credit: Jaimie Trueblood/MTV

That was a great episode. I have to say I’m so invested in whatever is going on with Liam, but I’m also frustrated. I understand why he feels like he can’t talk to Mason about what he’s going through. But he clearly needs to talk to someone, and I guess Brett is a good enough (sort of) confidant right now. Those Berserkers are scary, but why is Liam seeing them? Why is this particular hallucination happening to him right now? Did Kate do something to him? Because if she’s dressing Scott like a Berserker and somehow getting Scott to attack his friends in that guise, his life is in real danger. And Lydia screamed, so we know someone is going to die.

I think there’s been a lot of speculation that Derek is the one who might die this season. His name was one of the cipher keys, but every other person used to unlock the dead pool has been dead. So, it certainly makes sense to assume that Derek’s life is in danger. Couple with the fact that he’s lost his wolf powers, he’s certainly very vulnerable right now. I think the fandom will lose their collective mind if he’s killed off, so I’m not that worried about him. Even though he’s not a werewolf right now, he’s no longer defenseless because of Braeden’s training. I still don’t know if I’m totally on board with that relationship, but it’s nice when Derek’s not so miserable all the time.

And what happened that ended Peter’s alliance with Kate? Kate knows Peter wants to kill Scott himself, but she’s dressing him up as a Berserker so his friends will do the deed instead. I wonder if there’s some special, higher alpha status Peter thinks he can attain if he kills Scott. Or does he just want to be the only Alpha in town? And why does he have to manipulate everyone including his own daughter to get what he wants? Is there anyone who is safe from that man’s machinations? And does he want Kate dead because he knows she’s double-crossing him or is it for some other reason? I mean, I don’t truly want to ever understand Peter’s motivations because then I’ll be thinking like a sociopath. No thanks.

Is Kate in any real danger of being killed off? Although I’d hate for Malia to take Peter up on his offer, I’m not shy about telling you I want Kate dead. For real though. She is nothing but trouble. And I may want her to be punished a little before she dies – for what she’s done to Derek (twice) and now Scott. Let’s not forget that not only did Kate take Derek’s powers away, but she’s the one who set the Hale house on fire, which resulted in a scarred Peter, a traumatized Derek and a whole lot of dead wolves. She’s responsible for a lot of death and destruction and that’s before she even came back as a werepanther. It’s time for her to go.

More questions that I’ve asked before:

Where the hell is Danny? If we don’t see him in next week’s season finale I’m gonna be pissed. Actually, I’m already pissed. There’s been no explanation of his absence and it’s beyond ridiculous.

It seems like we’re probably not going to be clued in on what Parrish is until next season. I think Jeff Davis was on Wolf Watch last week and he said that not even Ryan Kelley knows what he is. So it’ll be a mystery until next season. I’m cool with that, I guess. I kind of like the anticipation.

My Moment of Goodness: Parrish Helps Argent Get Free

That Chris Argent/Deputy Parrish scene was great on so many levels. I personally love it when someone brings Allison up. I felt like her death was a little glossed over at the beginning of the season, so whenever any of the characters mention her, I like it. Crystal Reed was such a huge part of the show. So after Peter traps Chris in the sewers, it looks like he might die there. He’s bleeding and he thinks he’s blacked out at least a few times. But Parrish isn’t about to leave him behind. So he helps motivate Chris by talking to him about his daughter and it helps spike his adrenaline enough for them to pry Chris free. I also liked that flash of red in Parrish’s eyes at the end there.

Who do you think will die in the season finale and why? I can’t wait to hear your predictions.

The season finale of Teen Wolf airs Monday, September 8th at 10/9c on MTV.

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  1. Heather M

    Did I miss where they rounded back on why Lydia Bansheed at Derek’s loft in the opener? Was that supposed to warn Scott & Kira off their date in the building? I felt like we missed a scene there because we didn’t see her again til she showed up at Eichen House.

    Have they said for a fact somebody’s not surviving the finale? I tend to skate past spoilers…

  2. TV Goodness

    No, they never rounded back. I just figured whoever the person Lydia screamed for would die in the finale next week. I have no idea about spoilers either. I don’t really want to hear about anything before it happens on the show.

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