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Mad Men “The Beautiful Girls” 

Photo Credit: AMC

I am surprised by the Joan and Roger development. Not displeased, just surprised. With Joan’s husband off to basic and soon to go to war in Vietnam, our Joanie is out of sorts. She’s snappish and short at the office and Roger’s “playfulness” is not appreciated. Seeing that Joan can use a pick-me-up, Roger treats her to an in-home massage, manicure and pedicure. After the (very) untimely demise of Miss Blankenship, they decide to have dinner together. Afterwards they’re walking through a bad neighborhood when they’re mugged. Certain emotions seem to be rekindled and they have sex. Roger thinks she’s sorry about what happened but Joan admits she isn’t. She does feel the need, though, to remind Roger that they’re both married.

Faye and Don didn’t take long to wind up in bed. Of course, we all knew they were going there and they certainly seem to be enjoying the physical side of their relationship. I actually like them together. I don’t think she’ll put up with his crap. However, things get complicated when Sally shows up. She decided to take the train – by herself – into the city to see her father. Some stranger shows up with Sally at Don’s office. She castigates Don but he only puts up with that for so long. When Betty refuses to go out of her way to pick Sally up, Don has to deal with his daughter for a day in a half. And she does what she can to convince her father to let her live with him. When Sally realizes her plan didn’t work, she has (another) moment of rebellion and runs away from Don. Her fall stops her progress but elicits the sympathy of every single woman at the agency who saw her flight. I don’t think the therapy is working.

Remember that guy Peggy kissed a few episodes back? When she still had a boyfriend? There seems like there could be something there but I think Abe just doesn’t know how to talk to Peggy. Well, he doesn’t know the right way to talk to Peggy. I still want her to give him a chance. I feel like he’ll help her challenge the way she views the world – and that’s a good thing.

My favorite part of the episode? Don realizing Sally put rum on his French toast instead of Mrs. Butterworth’s.

If you, like me, will mourn Miss Blankenship terribly check out this Q&A with Randee Heller. It may lift your spirits.

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