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The Flash “The Man in the Yellow Suit” 

Photo Credit: The CW
Photo Credit: The CW

Consider my mind officially blown.

I knew Dr. Wells was keeping secrets, but I was not prepared for the revelation that he’s the Reverse Flash. Actually, let’s take a step back and consider what we already know.

Dr. Wells is hiding the fact that he can walk (kinda minor) and he can also “see the future” (kinda major). Wells was clearly concerned that The Flash goes missing in 2024. Now we know why. According to Reverse Flash, it is his destiny to beat The Flash. His destiny led him to murder Barry’s mother and frame Barry’s father for it. His destiny made him create or facilitate the event that melted down the reactor at S.T.A.R. Labs, which then led to the formation of the metahumans. Reverse Flash is faster and stronger than Barry. When Barry was losing (again) in his fight against him, it was only a blast from Firestorm that slowed Reverse Flash down.

We know Dr. Wells was interested in Blackout’s ability to drain Barry’s powers. I’m assuming Dr. Wells can only be Reverse Flash when he’s wearing that suit, but would Blackout’s powers allow him to be Reverse Flash without the suit? Does he even want that? The tachyon prototype can, in theory, make someone invincible. So for now Dr. Wells is well on his way to manifesting his destiny. He’s doing everything he can to become the man who “beats” The Flash. And by being a mentor/confidante to Barry he’s playing the long game. He can monitor and impact Barry’s development. Because Dr. Wells is also becoming (or already is) Barry’s friend, he’s got even more access. He knows how Barry thinks and he can influence his decisions. So, we’ve got The Flash’s archenemy masquerading as a friend. I love it.

Other Developments

Barry (Finally) Confesses His Feelings for Iris
I only say finally, because Barry has basically loved Iris since he was a child. He admitted to having a crush on her since they were in the single digits. He was afraid admitting his feelings could lead to losing Iris as a friend when they were younger and after the loss of his parents, Barry just couldn’t risk it. He knows he’s waited too long, but Barry comes clean. And, wow, does it make things awkward. I love that despite it all, Barry’s still able to be happy that things are going so well for Iris and Eddie. Moving in together is a huge step, but it seems that their relationship had been heading in this direction. I’m not ready for Barry to move on, but I’m so curious to see how Iris will handle knowing how Barry feels once she’s had some more time to process.

The World Needs The Flash But Joe Needs Barry Allen
I will never get tired of their interactions, especially when things get emotional. Joe admits that he was worried about how having Barry around as a child would change the dynamic of his household. He was already a single father and he was worried that the darkness Barry experience would somehow poison the entire household. But Barry has always brought light into his life and we see just how much Joe needs and appreciates that to this very day.


  • How amazing is it that Firestorm can fly? I know almost nothing about the comics, so it’s all a fun surprise for me. I mean, I was so excited/delighted that I yelled at my TV
  • Other than Oliver, is there anyone who thinks Dr. Wells is odd? Ollie told Felicity something was off with Wells, but it’s pretty important that someone in Central City pick up on those vibes. I’m wondering when that might happen and who it will be.
  • Cisco tells Joe there were two speedsters there the night of Nora Allen’s murder. When will we find out who the other speedster was and what part they have to play in all this?

Edit: As Marilynn points out in the comments below, I’ve got some inconsistencies going on (which I readily admit). But I think I just really want Wells to be a villain, so I was willing to overlook some concerns/questions I had. I acknowledge my dark tendencies. Either way, I’m excited for the show to return in January and explain some things. Oh, and Dr. Zoom? Really?

The Flash returns Tuesday, January 20th at 8/7c on The CW.

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  1. MByerly

    I think you are confused about Dr. Wells. First, he can’t be the current fast bad guy because he can’t be in two places at once, and it would be pretty dang hard for him to beat himself up in front of witnesses.

    On the night that Barry’s mom was murdered, someone with superhuman speed picked young Barry up and moved him a good distance away to save his life from the murderer. That someone must have been Dr. Wells in his super speed suit. He has been protecting Barry and his role in the future from the beginning.

    So, we have two guys with super suits, and I’m guessing with Wells’ secret room and his access to the future newspaper he is from the future, as is the other guy.

    And, yes, Wells is odd, but I don’t think he’s evil, just pragmatic as heck with his willingness to do anything or kill anyone who is a danger to The Flash.

    I don’t remember the exact wording of Wells’ comment when he was taking a blood sample from Blackout, but could he want the power absorption ability to stop the bad guy speedster?

    1. TV Goodness

      Oooh, I like it. I kind of want Wells to be a villain, which is why I’m going with my current theory. I’m totally willing to admit that I may be wrong and/or way off base. As I said, I don’t know anything about the source material. I agree with Wells can’t be in two places in once, though. There’s a lot that still needs to be explained.

      1. MByerly

        On the purely practical side, if Wells is the bad guy, Barry and his scientist friends will lose STAR Labs and the cash keeping it going so Wells can’t be that bad.

        I’ve not read the comics either, but my geeky friends who do say the bad guy is Professor Zoom, a name so stupid that even Cisco could do better.

        1. TV Goodness

          Hahahaha. Right? Professor Zoom. LAME.

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