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Van Helsing Preview: “Stay Away” 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.] Van Helsing takes a time out of sorts this Friday in a quieter Simon Barry-directed episode that finds the crew safely (*cough*) ensconced in a compound run by a Micah (Tom Cavanagh), who seems awfully blasé about the world’s new vampire problem.

The Flash Preview: “The Fury of Firestorm” 

WARNING: Spoilers The CW’s upcoming series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, continues to have a major influence on Season 2 of The Flash. Last week, Barry Allen dealt with the two Snart siblings when their backstory was fleshed out a bit more with the introduction (and subsequent elimination) of their abusive dad….

Fall TV Crush: The Fellas of The Flash 

Full disclosure: when The Flash was announced as an Arrow spinoff, I figured I’d do a courtesy watch, pat it on the head, and move on. Then Jesse L. Martin was cast (dammit). I was hard-core about Law & Order mothership. I still miss Jerry Orbach. Martin appeared in 198 episodes,…