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Helix “Cross-Pollination” 

Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)
Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

Anne, The Sensible One

I have to admit that I really enjoyed the quality time Peter and Anne spent in the pit. They both feel underappreciated and unheard and they’re both right, to a degree. We don’t know the extent of Peter’s betrayal yet — or his reasons — but I don’t think he deserved to be left in that hole. Alan was absolutely justified in being mad and disappointed, especially since Peter won’t admit to being in league with Ilaria, but being left in that hole seemed a bit extreme.

Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy
Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

Anne, on the other hand, claims that she will remain in the pit until Michael tells her she can leave, although she eventually changes her mind. Her level of devotion to that man is astonishing. Of course, she’s not completely in the loop on current events, but she also knows Michael and what he’s done in the past. I know part of her has to be holding on to her “path” as a way to have some control over this spiraling situation, but at the end of the day I want her to fight and survive. So if whatever bond she and Peter have created makes her resist the hold Michael has on her, I’m all for it…for now.

An Alternative to Genocide

I was worried that Durant was talking about Michael when she mentioned the “renegade Immortal” in last week’s episode. The solution of scientifically “castrating” non-Immortal males certainly solves their problem. I like that they’re not killing most of the population, but I still hate that they are controlling the human race in a very fundamental way.

But more than that, it seems like the situation Michael has going on at the abbey would become a large-scale practice around the world. Michael chooses who he reproduces with, but what if his partner is unwilling, like Amy? The implications for the women who have to live in that world are horrifying. I know a discussion about morality and free will isn’t high on the list of priorities for Immortals, but it’s something we humans have to think about. And, also, all that inbreeding is likely to cause genetic defects and other issues, right? It’s just upsetting and disturbing all around.

Photo Credit:  Philippe Bosse/Syfy
Photo Credit: Philippe Bosse/Syfy

The Rotten Crop Needs to be Plowed Under

Michael tells Amy he’s always admired her fierce independence. He knew she was the one who infected the fellowship with the tainted honey and he allowed it to happen. He knows what’s going on between her and Landry, but he tells her he’s made sure no man on the island is man enough for her. So, we know that Michael’s experiments with the apples have worked and that he truly is the father of every child on St. Germain.

Additionally, he feels like this current crop has failed and he’s going to perform a Thinning. Almost everyone at the abbey is at the end of their path; Michael claims he has no choice. This time he won’t allow any outsiders in and maybe that’ll solve the problem. As he tells Amy, he’s done this before. There have been two other purges in the past and after those incidences, he’s chosen one of Amy’s sisters to help repopulate. Now it’s Amy’s turn and when she objects, he imprisons her.

There’s No Baby

Sarah knows something’s wrong, so when she’s out of immediate danger she makes Alan go to the infirmary with her. She wants to use the ultrasound machine to determine if she’s still pregnant. Even though she was in the very early stages of pregnancy when she became Immortal, they should be able to see something, which they don’t. And although Sarah can’t remember what happened between being in the lab (before Alan attacked her) and waking up on that gurney, we know some sort of procedure was performed on her. Alan admits to having some part in that, even though he can’t remember. I’ve seen next week’s episode, so I won’t say any more about that, but it’s such an interesting reveal when we do find out what happened. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Moment of Sadness

Michael tells the fellowship that the CDC has come up with a serum to combat the illness. And to prove it’s harmless, Michael takes the first drink. We know the poison won’t affect him and it has the desired effect; everyone takes the serum without objection or complaint. And the poison works quickly. Luke, who took Sarah’s story to heart, and is running around with a makeshift cape around his neck trips and spills his cup. He watches as those around him start coughing and choking. Will Michael spare him? Can Luke escape this fate? No. Michael gives him another cup and encourages him to drink.

That got me. I didn’t think the children would be spared, but we know Michael prizes ingenuity so I had a very faint hope. I think I also didn’t want to admit to myself that Michael is as irredeemable as he’s now proven to be. He has to keep Amy around to help him repopulate, as well as a very small group of the fellowship. But I thought maybe Luke would be spared, especially after seeing both his parents die. Everyone at the abbey thinks Michael is a God and he’s clearly had a sip of the lemonade. He’s in charge and will go to any lengths to remain there.

In my preview for this episode, I said I wasn’t sure I wanted Amy in charge (and I still don’t), but it’s clear that someone needs to do something to remove Michael from power.

I had the chance to speak exclusively with series star Neil Napier today and he had a lot of great things to say about Peter, Alan and what to expect in next week’s episode. Look out for that Q&A late next week.

Helix airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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