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Favorite Moments from Sunday Night TV [Homeland, The Good Wife, The Walking Dead, Almost Human] 

Favorite Moments from Sunday Night TV [Homeland, The Good Wife, The Walking Dead, Almost Human]

Sunday nights are an exhausting night of television…for audiences. There’s so much quality (and non-quality) TV to choose from it’s actually kind of crazy. Usually, I’m able to make it through two shows and save the rest for later. But last night, I was ambitious. I watched four. Yes, four. Of course I collapsed into a deep sleep right after, but, no worries. I got up in the morning refreshed and ready to write.

Favorite Moments from last night’s television:

Homeland “A Red Wheelbarrow”

HOMELAND (Season 3)
Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/SHOWTIME

Favorite Moment: Saul visits Brody and Brody’s not looking good

I bet you thought I was going to say when Quinn shot Carrie, right? That’s my other favorite moment. I know that Carrie’s trying to clear her baby daddy’s name, but I don’t care. Once again, she focuses on her agenda, damn the consequences. I understand where she’s coming from but she had everybody telling her to stand down. If she had showed her face to Bennett’s right hand man, so much you-know-what would have hit the fan. Quinn tells her he’s going to have to shoot her. But she doesn’t listen. She never listens. She just barrels forward like she always does. It’s beyond frustrating. She has about three of these moments every season. So when Quinn shoots her, I’m totally cool with it. It gets her out of the way. I love me some Carrie Mathison, but sometimes, I just want to shoot her myself. So Quinn doing the honors was also cathartic for me. Does that make me a bad person? I mean, I know she’s pregnant, but he only wings her. It’s not like he shoots her anywhere deadly. That baby has already been through some close calls like lithium and alcohol. I feel so bad for her unborn kid.

But let’s get to Saul and Brody. I should have known Saul knew exactly where Brody was. This is just a brief moment at the end but I still love it. And, poor guy, Brody doesn’t look like he’s in good shape. How long has he been holed up? What’s Saul going to do with him now? I was wondering when Brody was going to come back into the picture and we finally have our answer. Nobody prepared me for the fact that there was going to be so little Brody in season three, although it does make a lot of sense. Also, Saul seems to know a lot of what’s going on. He’s a bit of a puppetmaster this season. The only thing he doesn’t seem to be in control of is his love life. His wife just broke up with what could be a very, very bad man. Watch out, Saul.

Homeland airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime.

The Good Wife “The Next Month”

The Next Month
Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhornl/CBS

Favorite Moment: Every damn second of it

I don’t know if I have one favorite moment from The Good Wife, although I must say, I really love America Ferrara and Nathan Lane returning for guest star appearances. Eli turns to mush every time Ferrara’s Natalie Flores is around. And Lane’s Clarke Hayden joining Florrick/Agos & Associates is genius. A lot of people have been talking about how Josh Charles has come alive since Alicia ditched Will to start a new law firm with Cary. And he’s actually been incredible. You know what? The whole move has breathed new life into the show. Life that I didn’t necessarily think the show needed. But I welcome it now. There’s so much inherent drama — this show makes me downright giddy every time I watch it.

However, I think the powers that be might need to rename the series. To me, it should no longer be called The Good Wife. It should be called The Badass Wife because Julianna Margulies is killing it as Alicia Florrick. She’s showing new sides of Alicia I had no idea the character possessed. She’s flourishing in this whole new world and it makes every scene Alicia has with her current enemies Will and Diane, so much more incredible. Even though I initially couldn’t see a Lockhart Gardner (or should I call it by its new brand, L.G.) world without Alicia in it, I find myself rooting for the underdog she has once again become. In this brave new universe, there’s an abundance of backstabbing, jockeying for positions, overlapping of cases, confused clients and everybody trying to prove themselves all over again, that to witness it, is actually breathtaking. Keep it coming The Good Badass Wife.

The Good Wife airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

The Walking Dead “Live Bait”

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Favorite Moment: The Governor bonds with Megan

At the end of last week’s episode, we finally caught a glimpse of The Governor. Still, I had no idea that “Live Bait” was going to be an hour of television strictly focusing on the sadistic leader, with no characters from the prison making an appearance. While some of the episode is a bit slow for me, it does serve to make The Governor a little more human. Is he on the road to redemption? I’m going to have to see more — much, much more. But it definitely seems he’s trying to shed some of his old self. He torches Woodbury and walks around the world as if he is dead or as non-dead as some of the biters he often kills. It’s like he can’t deal after the slaughter. He only starts to come to life after he hooks up with a new family. A new family that could be the thing to replace his old family. After all, he doesn’t just burn Woodbury down, he also burns the old picture of his wife and daughter.

Megan can be his new Penny. One of my favorite moments is when he talks about why he has the eyepatch. First of all, he actually has to pinky swear with the kid so she can keep his so-called secret, which is hilarious, by the way. And he tells her he’s a pirate. At her disbelief, he starts laughing before telling her he lost it trying to help someone. It’s strange to see him laugh. David Morrissey does a great job in those scenes with Megan. The Governor (now known as Brian), becomes instantly protective of the little girl. He faces down a slew of walkers in that pit. He takes them out but good. And he tells Megan he’s never going to let anything happen to her. And he means it, too. He crosses his heart.

Also, melt my heart. In the previews for the next episode, I spotted Enver Gjokaj [from Dollhouse fame]. Love him. Now I need time to move quickly from here on out. Just saying. I hope he’s not a red shirt and gets killed right away.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.

Almost Human “Pilot”

Human.4 (1)
Photo Credit: Liane Hentscher/FOX

Favorite Moment: John already warms up to Dorian

Right from the very beginning of the pilot, it’s clear Detective John Kennex is one damaged individual. His ex-girlfriend is potentially a bad guy and betrayed his trust, he lost a lot of men in an ambush, he hates synthetics, which means his new partner as well as the leg he’s currently rejecting (psychologically, of course). After he pushes his MX robot out of the car in frustration, he gets assigned a new one, a DRN. Dorian looks and acts remarkably human. Kennex doesn’t care though. He spends much of the episode not wanting to have any sort of connection to Dorian. Of course that doesn’t last. And by the end, there are little touches that show us he’s already accepting his new partner. He says “Thanks, man.” Previously, Dorian had been using “man” when talking to John because it’s more conversational, and therefore, more human. And Kennex resisted. So when the surly detective actually says the same thing to Dorian, you know he’s a thawing a tiny bit. Further proof comes when they are in the car and Kennex asks Dorian to call him “John.” And, yeah, it’s these little character-y things that get me hooked on a show. So I will definitely continue watching.

Almost Human airs Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.


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