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Two Takes: Outlander “The Way Out” 

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Life at Castle Leoch continues for Claire Beauchamp Randall and the Starz series, Outlander. Here at TV Goodness, this show that was recently renewed for season two, is so important to us that we’ve decided to feature not one but two opinions on the action. Even though one of our favorite topics is the hotness that is Claire and Jamie, this week, our conversation turns to Claire and Frank as well as some of the new developments that will play an important part of future episodes.

Tina: Nothing major really happens in this episode other than some quality Jamie/Claire scenes and a renewed strength to get back to Frank. Still, I really loved the way everything is executed in “The Way Out” starting with the Frank/Claire train flashbacks. Or should I say flash forwards? I don’t even know at this point. Anyway, Frank’s comment to her is very telling. He said he finds her stubbornness attractive. That stubbornness is going to serve Claire well in 1743. But it’s also going to get her in trouble.

Kara: Are you being deliberately provocative? You know I can’t decipher your tone in an email. While I completely agree that we get some great Claire/Jamie interactions, especially when she’s teasing him about that “filly” she saw him kissing, but what about Father Bain? Talk about a wonderfully prophetic name. His introduction is so important, especially considering what comes later between him and Claire in the book. I kind of forgot about him until he swoops down upon the Baxter household and tries to drive the demon out of little Thomas. But even more importantly than that, we’ve got Geilles warning Claire about what type of man he is and Mrs. Fitz overriding his wishes to let Claire try to help the boy.

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Tina: No, I am not being deliberately provocative. I wouldn’t even know how. LOL The Claire vs. Father Bain (love the name) stuff was intense. And it really does speak to that Claire stubbornness I referred to earlier. Claire shows how strong she is, once again. She’s not willing to back down for anything or anyone. And, yes, while she becomes the “miracle worker” this time, down the road, it’s going to hurt her. I feel like Geillis is a bigger role early in this series. More so than in the book, but I may be mistaken. And then there’s that girl who has a crush on Jamie (can you blame her). I looked it up — her name is Laoghaire. We’ll be seeing her play a part later as well. So, to me, when I say nothing major, it means I think this episode is about setting things up for the future.

Kara: I feel like Geillis is getting a bigger role now too, but she’s so important. I did feel like Claire was being very careful and hesitant with her, though. I mean, we can’t forget that Claire really can’t trust anyone but herself. She’s hiding a huge secret – a secret she imagines telling Mrs. Fitz. But even in her imagination, Claire’s story of time travel doesn’t go over well. I think she’s wise to keep her own counsel, but I so want her to have a friend. While Jamie is at least that, I do wish she had a woman she could turn to and trust. And what about her progress with Colum and Dougal? Her ministrations to Colum are appreciated and she’s afforded a bit more freedom. While she thinks all her success as the Castle’s healer has bound her more tightly to this time and place, Gwyllyn’s folktale gives her hope that she’ll make it back to Frank.

Tina: Claire definitely sees that she’s getting sucked into life at Castle Leoch more and more every day. Her plan to earn Colum’s trust by becoming the castle’s healer means there’s no way they’re going to want to lose her. But as much as I’m enjoying all the Claire/Jamie goodness (they even make checking bandages a hot event), it’s refreshing to see that she’s remembering Frank and how much she wants to get back to him. I think it’s important they show this aspect. Are you shocked that I would say that, Kara? After all, I’m firmly on the Claire and Jamie bandwagon. But I want her transition to life 200 years in the past to be realistic, too. And for that to happen, she needs to continue to want to get back to her time and to the life she’s always known.

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Kara: Shocked? Maybe a little. I don’t think either or us can (or want to) deny that Claire has a very strong connection and bond with Frank. This story wouldn’t have the same emotional weight if that connection wasn’t important. But now I want to be a devil’s advocate and I ask you this: Do you believe Claire when she claims she’s not jealous of Jamie kissing Laoghaire? She seems to think seeing that intimacy between a man and a woman makes her miss Frank. And I believe that. But I wonder if she’s afraid to admit that something’s going on with Jamie because then she’ll have to start letting go of her past. Even Laoghaire and Murtagh can see who Jamie has eyes for. So while I’m still rooting for Claire to make her escape and to try to get back to Frank, I’m completely enjoying every moment she spends with Jamie.

Tina: To me, Jamie’s gotten to her. It’s too soon to admit it. She’s loyal to Frank. And she should be. But how long can she be loyal if she can’t figure out a way to trigger the time travel? Even if her plans to return to Craigh na Dun are a success, there’s no guarantee she’ll be able to get back the same way she arrived. And while you’re rooting for her and Frank to reunite, I’m all for her staying with Jamie. However, what makes me more than hesitant to say that, is the fact that this new world she’s in is a brutal, brutal place. I don’t know if I’d wish that on anyone, but especially on someone who finds herself out of her element.

Kara: I don’t think I’m rooting for Claire and Frank to reunite. I’m actually rooting for Claire to be in control of her own destiny. Right now, it’s about getting back to Frank and the twentieth century. But whatever happens (and, of course, I know what that is because I’ve read the book), it’s important for to me for Claire to get what she wants. I don’t want any man – or anyone for that matter – to tell her how to act or who to be with.

Outlander airs Saturdays at 9/8c on Starz.

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