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House of Lies “Til Death Do Us Part” 

Photo Credit: Photo:  Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME
Photo Credit: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

“Douglas, did someone sprinkle a little extra p*ssy in your cereal this morning?”

Understandably, Doug is freaking out. He wants to determine if now is a good time for him to leave the company. Or for the four of them to be forging out on their own. Even though Marty is his mentor – something Marty vigorously denies – Doug feels like he needs to stay where he is. He just had a very productive meeting with a prospective client and he wants to see where things go.

“Doug Guggenheim… Doug Guggenheim is my best friend. F*ck, I hate to admit it, but it’s true man. Even harder to admit is…that I admire him. I’m gonna throw up.”

Even though Sarah orchestrated the proposal and gives Doug an out, he still wants to marry her. At least they both know she’s batsh*t going into their union. But it was weird to see Clyde speak so sincerely, wasn’t it? I mean I loved most of what he said, but it’s strange for him to be so genuine. Of course, Clyde f*cks that up when he goes behind Marty’s back. Not only will Carlson be his new client at Monica’s firm, but he also ratted Marty out to Julianne.

“Oh baby girl not only are you gonna go to Vegas, but you’re gonna wear a big f*cking smile while you’re holding my briefcase or I’ll blow up your godd*mn deal at DeMark. Boom! See you in Vegas.”

We all know how Marty likes to lash out when he’s been hurt, but this is taking things pretty far. Unlike Marty, however, Tamara wouldn’t burn it all down just to get revenge. She assures Marty that she didn’t tell Julianne anything  – even with Marty’s threat over her head. Because of their history she would never do anything like that to him.

“Are you f*cking kidding me? You’re gonna do this right now? Julianne wiped out all my f*cking files, the Pinkus deal isn’t closed yet, and you’re gonna pick right now to tell me about your schoolgirl crush?”

Oh, Marty. No. Not only is Marty an expert at lashing out, but he’s also extremely talented at pushing people away (as we know). And the worst part? Even after Marty says those awful words to her, Jeannie still has his back. She knew Julianne might try some shady sh*t so she backed up his files. And she’s also the one who gets Carlson off him when it looks like Carlson might choke Marty to death. He really doesn’t deserve her. And he knows it.

“Nobody can close like Marty Kaan.”

Except when he can’t. I love that none of his kids are speaking to Marty right now. He’s got a lot of work  to do to get his little family back together. I’m really looking forward to seeing how he makes that happen next season.

House of Lies returns with new episodes in 2014.

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