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Relationship Recap: Two Couples Come Together, Power “Who Are You?” 

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

That title might be a bit of a double entendre. Sorry. I totally went there. But there’s been some pretty great build up for both Jamie and Angie and Tommy and Holly, and to a lesser extent Tasha and Shawn. Tonight two of those couples get busy. Let’s take a look at these very different relationships.

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Jamie and Angie

These two have a crazy amount of history (and chemistry). They were together as kids and then apart for eighteen years. Now it’s difficult for them to go without seeing each other for even a few days. But Ghost feels he needs to come clean so he cops to having three kids and a wife. Angie admits to having a boyfriend. Together they seem to decide to stop seeing each other, but Jamie won’t let Angie return the diamond necklace. Back when they were teenagers she left him right before her birthday. He urges her to think of it as a very tardy gift.

But Angie finds she can’t keep the necklace. Not only does it cause problems with Greg, but she finds that it only reminds her of what they don’t have and what they could’ve been. So when Angie goes to Truth to return it, she tells him they can’t even be friends and Jamie agrees. It will never be enough. And I’m not even a little surprised when they have sex. They’re sloppy though. They shouldn’t have left the door open (I know, I know. It was the heat of the moment) and now Holly knows their business. It’s really just a matter or time before Tommy finds out and it’ll cause even more problems between Ghost and his best friend and business partner.

Tommy and Holly

I’ve been enjoying the playful back and forth between Holly and Tommy since this series premiered. I have to admit, I didn’t think he’d break her down quite so fast. And I really didn’t expect that Holly would be ok with Tommy covering her tips and then some for the night so they could go out on a date. But as she said, “I don’t think first. I just do what I want.” And Tommy is a fighter so I knew he wouldn’t give up on her. These two might be a match made in heaven, especially since neither one of them is what they seem. After they’re thrown out of a bar when Tommy initiates a fight (that Holly enthusiastically participates in), she reveals that she’s a bit of a klepto. Or at least she is that night.

Back at Tommy’s place, Holly admits she was lying earlier. She is going to have sex with him even though she warned him she wouldn’t be. Tommy playfully forgives her for the fib, but Holly warns him about lying to her. She won’t forgive him. It seems to give Tommy pause, but with sex on the table I’m not surprised he doesn’t see that as a red flag. Holly wants to do coke before they get naked and, of course, he happens to have some. She’s ready to go again right after they finish so I guess she likes what she sees so far. And later that week when Tommy comes to her with bloodied fists, Holly seems to find it hot. They get intimate on the street right outside the club.

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz

Tasha and Shawn

When Tasha’s out shopping with Lakeisha, Shawn is especially attentive. Lakeisha thinks Tasha has him wrapped around her little finger, and while that might be true, Shawn admits that he’s there for her protection. But Ghost won’t tell Tasha much about what’s going on. He does admit that Tommy took Shawn to a meeting and she sees her way to get the information she feels that Ghost should be giving her. When she sends Shawn out on a grocery run Tasha makes sure she’s in the shower when he returns. And she makes sure she sees him see her get out of the shower. I might not like what Tasha’s doing, but I’ve gotta give it to her. She’s gonna use what she can to get the information she feels she’s due. It’ll be interesting to see how far she’s willing to take it.

Other developments

Photo Credit: Starz
Photo Credit: Starz
  • Pink sneakers takes Anibal Santalises out, so he doesn’t make it to Ghost and Tommy’s sit-down. Lobos finds out that Anibal is dead before Ghost and Tommy do. Things get even more tense when Ghost asks if Tommy’s responsible for Anibal’s death. But they resolve their disagreement quickly and decide Ruiz needs to go because he went to Lobos directly to try and cut them out. They make a pretty good united front, but more and more things seem to keep coming between them. I think we’re gonna find out just how strong their bond is.
  • Holly spots the guy who sold bad coke at the club. Ghost calls Tommy to deal with it, even though Kantos reminds him they were going to hand him over to the cops. Those cops are a problem. I assume they’re just looking for a payoff and I think Ghost might put them “on the payroll” to keep Truth open, especially since he’s angling to get all of Cynthia’s business for the rest of the year.

Power airs Saturdays at 9/8c on and returns on July 12th.

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