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Nashville “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It Now” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine
Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this enough times yet, but I am really enjoying this season of Nashville (apart from the awful Peggy Kenter storyline, which I will not be mentioning for the rest of this article). Charles Esten‘s Deacon is breaking my heart each and every week, Scarlett is making me respect all of her current life choices, Juliette is (always) making me happiest when she’s making bad decisions and Rayna is living her life the way she wants after her near-death experience. What’s not to like?

Deacon’s Sober But He’s Not Working the Program

Deacon seems determined to keep punishing himself, but the shock of Coleman’s impending move seems to jolt him out of his denial. Deacon knows he’s not doing the things he should be – for both his hand and his sobriety – so he sets about making things right. He sees the specialist, tries to make amends with Teddy and finally tells his story at AA.

Part of me understands why Teddy isn’t all that interested in Deacon’s “excuses.” Deacon is a threat to him whether he realizes it or not despite Deacon’s claims that he’s not built to be a father. He wishes Maddie had never found out and apologizes for any harm he’s caused Maddie or Teddy. Teddy’s not impressed. He tells Deacon he’s got a responsibility to his daughter whether Teddy likes it or not. Now that she knows about Deacon Maddie is always going to be looking at him.

Deacon: “I appreciate the choices you made back then. A lesser man might’ve done things differently.”
Teddy: “A lesser man did.”

Ouch. But Teddy needed to say it and maybe Deacon needed to hear it. And during his AA meeting we finally get a little bit of insight into the kind of father Deacon grew up with.

Deacon: “Anyway, he took off his belt..and, uh…he started just whipping her. And my sister’s crying and my mom’s uh screaming at my dad. She’s screaming, ‘That what you want your son to see?’ And my daddy, he just looked over at me and he said, ‘When you’re a man you’re gonna be just like me.’ Here I am. I’m a drunk. Just like him. And I hurt people I love. Just like him. But I tell you something. I ain’t never hurt a child. And I’ll be damned if I ever will.”

That is a lot of baggage and I’m looking forward to watching Deacon work through it. It’ll make him a better person and eventually a better father-figure and hopefully a better romantic partner.

Juliette Is Unattached and Unavailable

I can’t say this enough times: I love(d) the friendship Juliette and Avery are/were forging. Juliette has to have someone in her life who will tell her like it is – call her out when she’s being a brat and back her up when she’s making great decisions. Deacon was that for her last season and Avery is that for her so far this season. But as soon as things start to get too real for Juliette, she tends to push people away. And, of course, she does that with Avery.

Avery: “I came here because I thought we were friends. So imagine my surprise to find out that I’m just another guy on the payroll.”
Juliette: “You are just way too sensitive.”
Avery: “Yeah that’s right.”
Juliette: “You are.”
Avery: “I am. Yeah. Put it on me. I’m the problem. I mean, it couldn’t possilby be your fault that you don’t trust anybody enough to actually be your friend.”
Juliette: “That is enough.”
Avery: “No. It’s the truth and you know it. The sad thing is it’s your choice. You choose to live this way. Unattached. Unavailable. No commitment to anyone or anything but yourself.”
Juliette: “Fine. If you are not gonna stop talking then you are fired.”
Avery: “Well, I guess that proves it. I really was just the hired help. Wasn’t I?”

Oh Juliette. And then to go and sleep with Charlie? Well, I’m assuming things were heading in that direction. Either way, I want Juliette to realize what Avery means to her and repair that friendship.

Rayna’s Lost Her Voice

Her divorce is final, she’s ready to get out of her contract with Edgehill and Liam’s back and ready to work on their album. The only problem? Rayna’s vocal cords aren’t the same since the accident. She’s working with a vocal therapist but her voice may never be the same. She tells Liam if this is the last album she’s ever gonna do, Rayna wants to own it. Liam’s willing to bolster his reputation as a pain-in-the-ass producer and buy her some time. Oliver Hudson is suspicious though, especially when she has Scarlett perform in her place at the showcase. I hope Michiel Huisman stays around for at least a few more episodes. I love his chemistry with Rayna, in and out of the bedroom.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine
Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine

Gunnar’s Still Getting in His Own Way

I don’t think it’s ok that Will played Gunnar’s song at the showcase without his permission, but I will admit that Will’s a great performer. I mean, tell you something you don’t know right? Either way, Gunnar does need something or someone to push him out of his funk. Or he needs to do it himself. There’s only so long he should be tinkering with his songs before he lets someone else perform them. He can and will drive him crazy if he can’t let them go at some point. I know Gunnar longs to be up on that stage with Will and Scarlett, but until that happens he should get writing and keep performing. He’ll (hopefully) get his big break when the time is right.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine
Photo Credit: ABC/Mark Levine

Will’s Maintains His Reputation As A Ladies Man

I kind of had fun watching Will flirt with Zoey, even though I know he’s putting on a show. I’m wary of where that relationship might go but I feel like Gunnar would step in before things went too far. Actually, is it just me or does it seem like we’re getting a Zoey/Gunnar set up? If Gunnar thinks he has any chance of ever getting back with Scarlett, he’d better cool it with her best friend. But back to Will. He seems to have caught Layla’s eye as well. He needs to be real careful there. She’s young and impressionable and if he hurts her, she might try to get back at him in any way she can.

Other highlights:

  • Is it strange that I’m enjoying Juliette’s bad behavior towards Layla? “Bad” Juliette is my favorite.
  • I like that Oliver Hudson‘s Jeff Fordham is a villain this season. He tries to pretend that he’s making all these decisions for the health and wellbeing of Edgehill and maybe that’s true. But any good businessman knows that in order to keep your business afloat, you need to protect your investment. To me, that means he should be supporting his artists, not alienating and threatening them. Nevertheless, I like that he’s in conflict with both Rayna and Juliette. It’s strangely satisfying.

Nashville airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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